From one in-person sales enablement event in 2021, to 13 in 2022, we’re kicking it up another notch in 2023!

Open your calendar apps (or your diary if you’re old-fashioned 😉) and get ready to dive into our jam-packed schedule of sales enablement and revenue-centric events.

We’ll be touching down across the globe - with virtual offerings available too - so there’s sure to be something to meet your needs. 🌍

There's even a free OnDemand event presentation at the end!


Sales Enablement Summit | Austin 🇺🇸🤠

When: February 16-17

Where: Austin Marriott South, 4415 South IH-35, Austin

We’re kicking things off for 2023 in Texas. The Sales Enablement Summit in Austin is set to feature 30 speakers and more than 100 attendees - all primed and ready to tune into insights from companies like LinkedIn, Redis, and Atlassian.

The agenda keys in on critical enablement topics such as building and measuring onboarding programs, mastering solo enablement, moving through the enablement maturity curve, and more.

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Sales Enablement Summit | New York 🇺🇸🗽

When: March 16-17

Where: Convene, 117 West 46th Street, New York

Our Sales Enablement Summit in New York is yet again set to take place over two, action-packed days of sales enablement insights in March.

With over 150 attendees expected to soak in a wealth of knowledge from 30+ speakers from organizations such as Slack, LinkedIn, Zoom, Indeed, and more, this is one sales enablement event you don’t want to miss.

The agenda examines unmissable tactics to ensure the success of your program, the importance of leadership enablement, and how to motivate performance in ways people actually care about.

All the details (including ticket information) are available here. 👇

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"A great way to rethink creatively with enablement practitioners across the industry. There is always more to learn!"

Senior Sales Enablement Manager, Alert Logic

Chief Revenue Officer Summit | New York 🇺🇸🗽

When: March 16

Where: Convene, 117 West 46th Street, New York

Our presence in New York doesn’t stop with the Sales Enablement Summit. The Chief Revenue Officer Summit is also returning, and the most elite group of revenue leaders will be getting in a room for a day of networking, learning, and collaboration.

Speakers from Google,, Nymbus, and more will be sharing their knowledge and insights to our attendees, with an agenda covering topics such as the keys to RevTech success, the secrets to boosting sales productivity, how to hire (and keep) the right talent, and more.

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Revenue Operations Summit | New York 🇺🇸🗽

When: March 16-17

Where: Convene, 117 West 46th Street, New York

The Revenue Operations Summit is the third of our co-located events in New York, where 100+ attendees will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in two days of RevOps content.

20+ speakers from organizations like AWS, Vimeo, and Spotify will share their knowledge with our many attendees over the course of the two-day event.

With an agenda covering topics such as how RevOps should use data to lead GTM decision making, evolving RevOps as a strategic partner, building a world-class revenue engine, and more - this isn’t an event you want to miss!

You'll find even more details very soon.


Sales Enablement Summit | Denver 🇺🇸⛰️

When: April 05-06

Where: Hilton Denver City Centre, 1701 California Street, Denver

April sees us bring our Sales Enablement extravaganza to Denver, Colorado for the first time. It might be home to the Rockies - but we’re bringing a different type of Summit very soon.

We’ll be hosting 30 speakers and over 100 attendees on our Denver debut, all with the aim of delivering amazing insights from the likes of LinkedIn, RingCentral, and Adobe to help you drive your enablement function forward.

The agenda will include talks and panels on building a career in sales enablement, creating effective seller ramp programs, and enablement best practices during mergers and acquisitions.

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"My first of many Sales Enablement Summits. I loved being able to learn from peers, hear industry trends, and collaborate with sales enablement leaders."

Worldwide Technology Sales Enablement Lead, IBM


Sales Enablement Summit | Amsterdam 🇳🇱

When: May 10-11

Where: TBD

Our first European trip of the year puts us in Amsterdam for the second year in a row. At this event, we’ll bring together industry leaders to share their proven strategies to help you get ahead of your competition.

You'll leave armed with practical tools and techniques to increase productivity, accelerate the sales cycle, and accurately track the performance of your sales team - with the help of 20+ speakers from Philips, RingCentral, Pleo, and more.

Our agenda analyzes how to navigate the journey to sales enablement maturity, strategies for success as a solo sales enablement professional, how to change behavior in a way that actually works, and more.

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Sales Enablement Summit | Las Vegas 🇺🇸🎰

When: May 24-25

Where: The Mirage, 3400 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas

The Sales Enablement Summit is returning to Sin City, but the only sin would be not to attend! We’re bringing a collection can’t-miss of presentations, panels, workshops, roundtables, and more so that our 100+ attendees will have the chance to learn from and network with enablement experts.

Speakers from Slack, Zscaler, Zoom, and more will share their wisdom with an agenda covering topics such as managing stakeholder expectations, tackling the biggest challenges facing enablement, establishing a certification program, and more.

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Sales Enablement Summit | Seattle 🇺🇸🌧️

When: June 13-14

Where: W Seattle, 1112 4th Avenue, Seattle

In June we’ll be gracing the west coast with another debut show, the Sales Enablement Summit in Seattle. Known as ‘The Emerald City’, we’ll be bringing some sales enablement gems of our own.

You’ll hear from 30+ speakers from the likes of Microsoft, Slack, GitHub, and more as they run through a jam-packed, two-day agenda featuring talks and panels on gaining credibility for enablement at C-suite level, ramping your enablement department effectively, the keys to successful leadership enablement, and more.

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"The Sales Enablement Summit is a MUST attend for any enablement professional. Not only do you get to hear from leaders in our industry, but the networking with other enablers and discussing relevant topics is unparalleled.

"I always walk away with thought provoking and actionable insights from the summit and I wouldn't miss it for the world."

Senior Manager, Revenue Enablement, Andela


Sales Enablement Summit | San Francisco 🇺🇸🌉

When: September 19-20

Where: TBD, San Francisco

After a short summer break, we’ll be touching down in the Bay Area for our third Sales Enablement Summit, with a speaker lineup filled with more stars than a 1980s San Francisco 49ers team.

Last time out, 150 attendees soaked in insights from speakers at leading organizations such as Google Cloud, Uber, PayPal, Cisco, and more over the course of two days, with even more planned this time out.

Last year’s Summit was a huge success, and we’re planning to make 2023’s even better.

Stay tuned and find all the details below. 👇

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Chief Revenue Officer Summit | San Francisco 🇺🇸🌉

When: September 19-20

Where: TBD, San Francisco

It’s not just sales enablers who get to join us in Silicon Valley this September. Our Chief Revenue Officer Summit returns to unite top revenue professionals from across the region to network and learn from one another.

Speakers from SAP, Jellysmack, Metadata, and more took to the stage to discuss the art of building and scaling revenue engines, leveraging the power of data, and building a culture that supports cross-functional alignment last time out and expect to see the same again.

This event is by revenue leaders, for revenue leaders.

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"It was interesting hearing from the different leaders in the revenue space and finding out that others are experiencing similar challenges.

"I loved being able to link with fellow revenue operations and sales enablement professionals."

Head of Revenue Operations, AZA Finance

Revenue Operations Summit | San Francisco 🇺🇸🌉

When: September 19-20

Where: TBD, San Francisco

Rounding off a trifecta of awesome events in San Francisco is the Revenue Operations Summit’s first appearance on the west coast!

We're gathering RevOps professionals from the world’s largest companies and most exciting startups to share their enablement success stories, innovative ideas, experiences and challenges.

Speakers from Wistia, Litmus, Atlassian, Linkedin, Spekit, HashiCorp, and more have all been involved in sharing their knowledge across a series of panels, presentations, workshops, and roundtable discussions all designed to leave attendees with actionable takeaways.

More details are coming soon!


Sales Enablement Summit | Boston 🇺🇸⚾️

When: October 18-19

Where: TBD, Boston

Our October lineup features the Sales Enablement Summit in Boston - home to champions like the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, Celtics, and now a host of sales enablement champions as well!

Presentations, panels, workshops, roundtables all mean you'll have the chance to learn and network with pioneering enablement experts.

Speakers from CB Insights, Matillion, Shift, and more have delivered two fantastic days of can’t-miss enablement insights in Boston last time out and you can expect the same again.

Keep your eye for all the latest details below. 👇

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Sales Enablement Summit | Sydney 🇦🇺

When: November 01-02

Where: TBD, Sydney

Our blockbuster worldwide tour begins down under with the Sales Enablement Summit in Sydney. We’re bringing enablement insights all across the world and our two days in Australia are a big part of that.

Speakers from organizations like Slack, LinkedIn, Oracle, AWS, Shopify, IBM, and more have all contributed to this amazing yearly gathering of expertise.

Whether you need inspiration on creating fresh coaching content, want to ignite a culture shift, are researching your tech stack options, or simply looking for ways to drive sales team performances this event is for you.

More details are coming very soon so keep your eyes peeled right here. 👇

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“It was wonderful to step away from my day-to-day to get inspired by go-getters sharing ideas and stories that will me a better sales enablement professional”

APAC Onboarding Lead, LinkedIn

Sales Enablement Summit | Singapore 🇸🇬

When: November 08

Where: TBD, Singapore

Rounding off our APAC offering is the Sales Enablement Summit’s long-awaited return to Singapore!

For the first time since 2019, sales enablement professionals in the region will gather to share their enablement success stories, innovative ideas, experiences and challenges.

Whether you’re from one of the world’s largest companies or an exciting startup, there’s something for you on the Summit’s triumphant return.

Details are arriving in a steady stream so keep a lookout for more information. 👇

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Sales Enablement Summit | Chicago 🇺🇸💨

When: November 15-16

Where: TBD, Chicago

Our final trip to the USA, we’re stopping by in the Windy City to host the Chicago edition of our Sales Enablement Summit once more.

Over two days, 150+ attendees will be gleaning a wealth of information through a series of presentations, workshops, roundtable discussions, and more.

Speakers from companies like AWS, Showpad, Atlassian and more have all shared their wisdom in Boston, and November 2023 will be no different.

More details are coming soon and you can find all the info below. 👇

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“I absolutely loved talking with the other people in the group. I felt like those roundtable discussions were fantastic.

“I felt I gained so much from those conversations and that was definitely my favorite part”

Senior Manager Field Onboarding at DocuSign

Sales Enablement Summit | London 🇬🇧

When: November 22-23

Where: TBD, London

SEC’s final EMEA event of 2023 lands in London! All with the goal of providing you with a mixture of keynotes, roundtables, panels, collaboration and discussions so you can learn from and get inspired by your enablement peers.

Our carefully selected expert panel of speakers will inspire and get your enablement juices flowing, and you’ll leave with knowledge and a plan of action to take back to your enablement department.

Speakers from Paypal, Andela, UserZoom, Getty Images, RingCentral, and more have all taken to our London stage in the past and there’s plenty more of that in the works for 2023’s show.

Keep your eye for all the latest details below. 👇

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Chief Revenue Officer Summit | London 🇬🇧

When: November 22

Where: TBD, London

Sales enablement goodness isn’t the only thing we’re bringing to London in November! Our Chief Revenue Officer Summit touches down to gather the best and brightest in the revenue world to network and learn from one another.

This is an opportunity to collaborate and generate new ideas with your peers in senior revenue management roles - you don’t want to miss it.

More details are coming soon and you can find all the info below. 👇

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Revenue Operations Summit | London 🇬🇧

When: November 22

Where: TBD, London

London features another triple header, with the Revenue Operations Summit joining our sales enablement and CRO events in the heart of the U.K!

We're bringing together some of the most talented RevOps professionals on this side of the Atlantic to connect, share insights, and advance the function in London and beyond.

Keep your eyes peeled for more details coming very soon.

Sales Enablement Summit | Toronto 🇨🇦

When: November 29-30

Where: TBD, Toronto

Our final event of 2023 brings us back to North America and the wonderful city of Toronto. We'll be gathering the biggest enablement brains to showcase their insights, challenges, innovative ideas, and experience with one mission in mind: to enable you to reach your full potential.

End your year on a high note by joining us in T.O. and sharing the enablement goodness with your peers at our Summit, and soak in the insights and networking opportunities.

Details are arriving soon so keep a lookout for more information. 👇

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