2020’s Sales Enablement Festival is coming to a screen near you from October 28 - 30th:

  • 3 days of sales enablement goodness.
  • 30+ revenue and enablement leaders.  
  • 20+ hours’ worth of action-led presentations.

Why should you attend? We’ve got more reasons than you can shake a glow stick at...

1. Because you’ve got balls

Sales enablement people have got big balls. Lots of them to keep in the air.

Your role involves relationship-building, driving processes, developing training programs, getting the right content and technology in place - and more.

So the #SEFest has got your back, with five ✋virtual stages that cover the spectrum of activities you encounter day-today, and throughout your career.

Deploying AI and Automation

Boost your tech stack ROI.

Measuring Success - Metrics, Reporting & Analytics

Create more value from your data.

Sales Content Optimization

Turbocharge your content strategy.

Driving Excellence - Onboarding, Coaching & Training

Turn your sellers into superheroes.

Building and Scaling Enablement Teams

Take charge of your expansion.

2. Because we’ve got the best line-up

Senior figures from some of the most recognizable brands around - like IBM, Uber, Pandora - will be sharing real-life stories about their journeys to sales enablement success.

Check out the full speaker list.

3. Because it’s gonna be a game-changer at work

Looking for advice you can actually put into practice in your organization? Actionable insights on how to confront the challenges you face in your day-to-role?

You’re coming to the right place! When you’re watching a live talk, you can type in any questions you have for the speaker from behind the comfort of your own screen.

Then simply dazzle your colleagues with your new-found inspiration in your next call, report, or casual chat.

Check out the full schedule.

4. Because we’ve got all the answers to your questions

Got a question that hasn’t been covered? Keen to explore how a point covered can be applied to your own job? You can personalize your learning by posting questions to the speaker, like the ones below, after each talk to make sure you squeeze every last drop of value from them.

5. Because you can get backstage with the stars - forever!

“What was it that Mary Tufari from IBM was saying about building and scaling enablement teams?”

“I need a way to ramp up my virtual enablement training strategy, Hey, Charissa Stowers from Pandora had some great tips on that…”

If you opt for any of our paid-for packages, you’ll be given access to the content forever. Binge-watch all the acts during the course of the festival or drip-feed the odd video into your weekly workload - the choice is yours.

Keep all the fresh insights at your fingertips for whenever you need inspiration!

6. Because you get bonus content

Wait, there’s even more! Paid packages include access to presentations from The Future of Sales Festival, which was attended by over 1,000 people, and featured good stuff like this talk on Zendesk's Sales Enablement Manager Trenton Bloom, 'Sales People Don't Give a $@%#, Here's What You Can Do About It'...

Trenton Bloom, Sales Enablement Manager Zendesk

We know you want to get in that virtual mosh pit - head over to the Sales Enablement Festival website to grab your ticket now!