Date: September 7 | 2022
Location: Bespoke, 845 Market Street, San Francisco

For the first time ever, Chief Revenue Officer Summit is coming to San Francisco. The summit will assemble leaders from the world’s largest companies and most exciting startups to share success stories, experiences and challenges of Chief Revenue Officers tasked with leading new pathways to growth.

Harness the power of in-person events, form genuine connections and create valuable relationships. Make your next hire, find your mentor, get practical advice. Become part of the community.

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Speaker line up

We unite influential practitioners to share their insights, challenges and strategies. Through interactive sessions, keynotes and discussions we support you through your business journey with the tactics, methods and strategies you need. Get inspired and make an impact.

Building and Scaling the Revenue Engine
The rise of the CRO in the SaaS world has led to more and more companies needing an experienced leader to help build and fine-tune its revenue teams. CROs therefore need to know the ins and outs of not only building teams, but also what it takes to get cross-functional teams working harmoniously. It’s a simple task, right?

Sustainability Strategy: The Keys to Incorporating Sustainability Into Business Goals
Today’s organizations need to recognize their role in moving modern-day commerce forward with innovations in economic, environmental, and societal ways. Sustainability begins with implementing strategies that create positive, lasting results for the customers of today and tomorrow.

Planning for the Future. Leveraging the Power of Data and Analytics.
Being data-driven is a core responsibility for a CRO - but knowing how to effectively use the data in front of you can be a struggle. Especially when you’re drowning in a sea of it. This session will be exploring how you can effectively use data and analytics to drive strategic planning.

How to Find the Yellow Brick Road: The Path to GTM Alignment
GTM alignment seems as elusive as the City of Oz. With multiple changing dimensions - people, process, technology, and data - it can feel like you’re always one step behind. Now more than ever, revenue leaders need to be aligned on what is happening in their business, make data-driven decisions, then quickly apply those decisions across their GTM teams. But how do you get there? How do you find the Yellow Brick Road?

Agenda highlights

📍Planning for the Future. Leveraging the Power of Data and Analytics
📍How to Adapt Your Sales Playbook to Cater to Modern Buyer Preferences
📍Sustainability Strategy: The Keys to Incorporating Sustainability Into Business Goals
📍Addressing the Biggest Challenges Facing CROs
📍Building and Scaling the Revenue Engine
📍A CROs Secret Weapon: RevOps and Enablement.
📍Learn to Align Your Business Through “Distributed Truth” Before the “Single Source of Truth” Derails Your GTM Strategy

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