Alex Allion, Vice President of Sales at Terryberry, has a tremendous amount of experience in sales. As a sales leader, he aims to make a sales rep’s path to high-performance as uncomplicated as possible.

Sales enablement has been a ‘top of mind’ priority for Alex – and when he saw that SEC’s Sales Enablement Summit in Las Vegas was just a 4-hour drive from where he’s based in Arizona, he decided to attend.

In this case study, he discusses:

  • Why he decided to attend our event
  • What the experience at the event was like
  • Whether he found the event valuable
  • What he’d say to someone who was on the fence about attending

Why Alex decided to attend SEC’s Sales Enablement Summit in Las Vegas

“I saw someone in my network on LinkedIn “liked” the event, and I said: ‘Okay, sales enablement – that’s something we recently developed at my company’. It was very top of mind, and because I’m in Phoenix, Arizona, it’s a four hour drive.”

Besides the location, and being relevant to what his organization is working on at the moment, there were a few other factors that attracted Alex to the event.

“It was in-person. I looked at the content – every single session – and everything resonated with me.

“Being able to listen to those speakers, and knowing there were hundreds of people attending in-person, with the event having lunch and a happy hour too, I knew there’d be a lot of networking.

“Overall it was three plusses: the fact that it was an in-person conference, the speakers and agenda being phenomenal, and the ability to network with attendees.”

An image of people attending SEC's Sales Enablement Summit Las Vegas 2022

Alex’s experience at the event

Alex praised the quality of the event, both in terms of networking opportunities and in terms of overall production value.

“The event was great – being able to network with people at the tables before and during the session was valuable. It seemed like everyone had a real purpose to be in attendance.

“The fact that it was at the Bellagio Hotel was fantastic, and so were the meals. It wasn't on a shoestring budget, it was done right.

“We all had lists of things that we wanted to accomplish, and we were all able to do that.”

An image of people attending SEC's Sales Enablement Summit Las Vegas 2022

Did Alex get the value he wanted from the event?

“One-hundred percent, one-hundred percent.

“One of the main takeaways I had on my drive to Las Vegas before the event was: ‘I’m probably going to meet people at this event who have already done the things I’m trying to do at my company now – they’ll have already done it and been there’.

“I did find those people, and that was huge”.

Would Alex recommend this event to other people?

If someone was in two minds about attending one of SEC’s many, worldwide, in-person events – what would Alex say to them to let them know they should go?

“It’s worth it. The ongoing relationships I’ve built with people are so valuable.

“I met a lot of friends there, and I have colleagues now within that sales enablement community that I can reach out to and rely upon. It’s not just those two days in Vegas, it’s these ongoing relationships I now have.

“I’d also say that I came back with probably 40 different kinds of ideas and notes, and it’s hard to pick out the most important ones. That’s a good challenge to have! The content was definitely, definitely there”.

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