Our Sales Enablement Summit in Chicago returned for 2023, and among the over one hundred guests, two took the time to share their experience as attendees. 

  • Ben Windholz, Learning and Enablement Partner, TikTok
  • Anne Church, Director, Commercial Planning and Enablement, Beam Suntory

The pair discussed why they chose to attend and what they gained from the experience in Chicago. 


Why attend?

SEC’s Sales Enablement Summits take place all year round, all over the world. No matter where you are, you have the opportunity to network and learn from dozens of your peers.

Ben attended because:

Being able to be more receptive and use all the tools we have available to us [like Sales Enablement Summits], it makes me a better learning partner - I know that for a fact.

Anne expressed how important it is to be surrounded by innovative ideas:

One of the biggest reasons to attend for me is to get perspectives outside of the industry that you’re in and outside of the enablement team where you are. 
I think the connections that you can make from this conference, and perspectives you can gain from across a number of industries and enablement professionals across is just so rich.

Ben summed it up succinctly:

Why shouldn't someone attend this event? The ability to network with other professionals in our field and getting a chance to understand and see cutting-edge technology is irreplaceable.

What Ben and Anne gained from the experience

Anne found the range of attendees and speakers valuable:

As someone in the CPG industry, it's very easy to get siloed in the industry that we're in and what the enablement objectives are within our own organization. 
I was really excited to freshen my perspective, and learn more from other leaders and experts in the space around what best practices are and how to overcome obstacles. 
Just getting other ideas and best practices that I can take back to make my work more effective for the team members that we're serving. It was energizing.

When asked for one word to describe the day, Ben told us:

Innovation - but innovation with a lot of gravitas to it!

How to attend

If you feel like you’ve missed out on something BIG - you have. 😉

But, don’t fret. There’s plenty more where that came from. We’re bringing the Sales Enablement Summit to a variety of worldwide locations every year. 

Attend an SEC Summit and: 

🥇 Stay on top of trends to get ahead of your competitors

📈 Learn how to drive consistent growth with proven, actionable tactics

🗣 Network with your peers and make meaningful connections

🤩 Meet mentors and form relationships to help you excel in your career

🤝 Discover new talent and scale your team