Gail Behun is Senior Director of Revenue Enablement at Juniper Square - which is empowering GPs and LPs to unlock the full potential of investment partnerships. Juniper Square envisions a world with radically expanded opportunities for investment and participation in all private markets.

Gail is a long-time enablement professional who has worked across a range of positions and organizations and was the perfect guest to discuss the everchanging enablement landscape.

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Key talking points:

  • Why Gail was ‘predestined’ to land in enablement!
  • Why contention and discussion about enablement’s definition is a good thing
  • The importance a listening tour plays in creating an effective enablement environment
  • Gail’s key enablement metrics, and why you don’t necessarily need 20+ to prove success

And much more!

A little bit about our guest

Gail Behun is Senior Director of Revenue Enablement at Juniper Square having previously held positions in Senior Sales Enablement, Customer Support Enablement, as a Director of Sales, and more.

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