May 4-6 | 2021


Welcome to the Sales Enablement Festival.

2000+ attendees. 30+ enablement leaders. 3 unforgettable days.

We've scoured the globe to put together this star-studded line-up for all your sales enablement needs:

• Google - Head of Cloud Sales Enablement
• Xerox - Head of Sales Enablement
• PayPal - Global Sales Enablement
• Glassdoor - Director of Sales Enablement
• Snapchat - Sales and Learning Enablement
• Rackspace - Sales Enablement Manager
• Investec - Head of Sales Enablement
• RingCentral - Director, Global Sales Enablement
• Deliveroo - Global Head of Sales Process & Enablement

They'll be dropping the secrets on:

🤝  Strategic Alignment
📊 Measuring Success
⚙️ Deploying AI & Automation
👉 Onboarding and On-going Training
🧱 Building an Enablement Team
🌎 Managing a Global Team
💪 Empowering Sales Teams

Day 1 - Presentations Galore

Notebooks at the ready, this is going to be epic. Action-packed with content-first presentations from enablement gurus across the globe. Whether you’re looking for new ideas, solutions, inspiration, or just curious as to how the pros do it, this day is definitely for you.

Day 2 - The Deep Dive Into Sales Enablement

With a boat-load of insights spilled on day 1, we're heading into calmer waters for day 2. Sit back, relax and check in with the experts as they discuss building human-centred onboarding programmes, developing sales enablement strategies, and so much more.

Day 3 - Recruitment Day

If you’re looking to recruit your next sales enablement superstar or find a new, exciting role, day 3 is a must. We’ll be facilitating conversations between recruiters and job-seekers to help everyone find their perfect match. Come and see if we have the right opportunities for you.

It's gonna be epic. It's gonna be unrivaled. Most importantly, it's gonna have you supercharging your own sales enablement strategy.

Grab your pass - May 4-6.