Mark Leff is the Director of Services Sales in North America at Exclusive Networks.

With a rich history in sales enablement prior to his current role, including positions at Cisco, Mark has wide knowledge and strong views on how to create effective, efficient enablement programs.

Ahead of his appearance at the Sales Enablement Summit San Francisco on September 7-8, he joined us on the podcast to discuss all things sales enablement.

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Key talking points:

  • How enablement needs to be the ‘voice of the salespeople’ in order to drive efficiency
  • What Mark sees as the framework for sales enablement - the key pillars that lead to a successful sales enablement function
  • How Mark has managed to have great relationships with important stakeholders, and how that buy-in helped
  • Increasing effectiveness and engagement when it comes to training, and why training needs to be ongoing.

A little bit about our guest

Mark is Director of Services Sales in North America at Exclusive Networks, and has a wealth of experience in enablement. Mark is a trusted leader in sales and partner operations, professional services and product management with a strong track record of success.

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