Date | October 19

What is the Sales Enablement Summit? 🤔

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Our summit series invites you to step out of your office and spark your inspiration.

With curated discussion panels and actionable keynotes, you're sure to return with a fresh perspective on your products and a game plan for growth and development.

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In October 2022, Sales Enablement Summit will assemble the largest gathering of Sales Enablement leaders from the world’s largest companies and most exciting startups in Boston to share Sales Enablement success stories, experiences, and challenges of those who drive consistent and predictable interactions across the customer journey.

Speaker line up

A Guide to More Effective Sales Training
It’s no secret that the way we train has changed. From in-person to virtual, enablement teams have had to readjust to the new way of delivering training. But with Zoom fatigue at its highest, facilitators need to find new ways to keep reps engaged during virtual and hybrid training. This conversation will be diving into the different ways you can keep training fun whilst maintaining rep engagement.

Growing your Team into an Enablement Powerhouse
Building a strong team begins with recruitment, but once you have the team what's the next step? From onboarding to content creation, you need to be aware of the different ways your team can be ensuring sales success. In this conversation, enablement experts will be exploring how they have built high-performing enablement teams that have helped grow and expand businesses.

Taking a Leader's 1st Approach to Belonging in the Workplace
Leaders are the real change agents in an organization. Your success depends on having capable and committed leaders. Studies show that leaders (specifically, first-line managers) have the biggest influence on an employee’s sense of belonging in the workplace yet according to Progressive Business Publications, only 52% of companies train their managers up to once a year. Good leadership doesn’t just happen - it has to be intentional as does the role that leadership plays in creating a culture of belonging in any organization.

Agenda highlights

📍Measure Twice, Build Once, Everboard Forever
📍Leveraging Data to Boost Enablement Impact
📍Building a Bridge between Product Marketing and Sales
📍Effective Enablement Begins and Ends with Metrics
📍Addressing the Biggest Challenges Facing Sales Enablement
📍The 5 Deadly Sins of Enablement
📍Make it Stick - A How-To Guide for SDR Sales Certifications

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