Date | September 7-8
Venue | The Bespoke

What is the Sales Enablement Summit? 🤔

Great ideas don't happen in a vacuum! 🔭

Our summit series invites you to step out of your office and spark your inspiration.

With curated discussion panels and actionable keynotes, you're sure to return with a fresh perspective on your products and a game plan for growth and development.

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In September 2022, Sales Enablement Summit will assemble the largest gathering of Sales Enablement leaders from the world’s largest companies and most exciting startups in San Francisco to share Sales Enablement success stories, experiences, and challenges of those who drive consistent and predictable interactions across the customer journey.

Speaker line up

Leadership in a Changing World
In this session hear how conscious leadership, creating change through self-governance, and life-long learning create opportunities to have an impact on the world around you.

Creating Psychological Safety in a Diverse Educational Setting
Creating a psychologically safe environment not only increases the likelihood of successful behaviour change but also drives overall rep performance up.

The Antidote to Failed Business Initiatives: Change Management
Far too often, enablement teams are tasked with creating training sessions to kick off time-sensitive strategic initiatives, only to struggle to deliver results that move the needle. The reason? The training session is a single point in time and does not account for all of the factors that lead to sustained behavior change, an essential component for success.

Agenda Highlights

📍A Helping Hand. How to Build Your Career in Enablement
📍Analytics and Insights That Drive Productivity
📍Inspiring Intrapreneurship.  An Approach for Developing a High-Performance Sales Culture
📍Creating an Effective Enablement Strategy
📍Scaling Sales Onboarding
📍The End of Random Acts of Enablement

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