So you're a part of Sales Enablement Collective's community? Let's make it official.

With more than one position listed, your LinkedIn profile gets viewed up to 29 more times. The benefits of adding to your profile include:

  • It demonstrates your personal drive to excel in the field, as well as your organization and time management. 🔥
  • It highlights to your peers that you're looking to collaborate and elevate sales enablement. 📈
  • It means you're officially part of the community. 🤝

Now, onto the tutorial...

1. Head to your LinkedIn profile

...and scroll your way down to the ‘Experience’ section. Once you’re there, click the + button in the top right corner.

2. Fill in some deets

You should then be presented with a box that looks like this:

Title: SEC Member
Employment type: your choice
Company: Sales Enablement Collective
Location: N/A
Date: whenever you got involved in the community!

If you scroll down this box a little more, you’ll see some additional fields too:

Headline: SEC Member
Industry: Think Tanks

And then here are a few words for the ‘Description’ box:

The Sales Enablement Collective has built a community rapidly being recognized globally as the central hub for all things sales enablement.
Founded in December 2019, SEC had a mission of uniting revenue leaders, all striving towards one shared goal: consistent and predictable revenue growth. And it did just that.
Through events, reports, podcasts, blogs, templates, workshops & the amazing community they serve, SEC has become a one-stop-shop for sales enablement professionals looking to elevate themselves and the function.

The final thing for you to do is tap on ‘Link’ and add this URL.

3. Sit back, you're official

The end result should look a bit like this: