The time is finally here!

We worked through a long list of nominations, and then a star-studded shortlist, and now, after a lot of deliberation, we've selected our winners. 🏆

It wasn't easy! With so many great candidates, we had to make some tough decisions; but now it's time to put your hands together and congratulate our wonderful winners.

So, without further ado here is a full rundown of the finalists (and winners!) for 2021…

Sales Enablement Innovation Award 2021

The shortlisted finalists were Georgia Watson from IBM, Steffaney Zorabyan from Spinklr, and Karan Sachdeva from IBM.

All worthy choices, but this year's winner is Georgia Watson from IBM! A massive congratulations to Georgia from all of us at SEC.

Hear from the winner herself right below:

The Best Company to Work in Sales Enablement For 2021

The shortlisted finalists were Juniper Networks, Bizzbee Solutions, and OwnBackup.

Three fantastic finalists, but this year's overall winner is OwnBackup! At SEC we're honored to collaborate with such a great team.

We have a few words from the team itself, right here:

Sales Enablement Leader of the Year 2021

The shortlisted finalists for this one were Zach Barney of Vehlo, Hang Black of Juniper Networks, and Ashton Williams of Ada Inc.

This was a tough one, as all three are such empowering leaders! Our 2021 winner, however, is Juniper Network's Hang Black! Congratulations to Hang for a well-deserved award.

Below, we have a few words from the winner herself:

Sales Enablement Team of the Year 2021

The shortlisted finalists for this award were Yelp, Juniper Networks, and Zscaler.

Three wonderful finalists, but our winner this year is Yelp! Congratulations to all the great team over at Yelp.

Here are some words from the winning team:

Platform of the Year 2021: Sales Training and Onboarding

After so many amazing nominations we have split the 'Platform of the Year' category in two. The shortlisted finalists for the new Sales Training and Onboarding category were MindTickle, LevelJump, and Brainshark.

The finalists were so great that we really couldn't go wrong, but the winner this year is Mindtickle! At SEC we're wishing the whole team at Mindtickle well.


Platform of the Year 2021: Scheduling

The second category for this award is Scheduling. The shortlisted finalists for this category of the award were Chili Piper, Doodle, and Calendly

It was a really difficult choice, but our worthy winner for 2021 is Calendly! We can't congratulate all three finalists enough, and an extra special congratulations to the entire team at Calendly.


And that's a wrap!

That's another year of awards in the books! Thank you so much for casting your votes and playing your part in helping us make the Sales Enablement Awards 2021 awesome. These awards are all about celebrating you, so we hope you all enjoyed them.

See you in 2022! 🎉