Kieran Smith is Senior Manager, Revenue Enablement at Andela - a global job placement network for software developers which focuses on sustainable careers, connecting technologists with long-term engagements.

Kieran has a long history in sales and sales leadership positions, and has since dived into Andela’s revenue enablement team.

In this episode, we discussed the transition into enablement from sales leadership, and much more.

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Key talking points:

  • Why Kieran made the jump into enablement from sales leadership, and why he finds coaching rewarding.
  • What enablement looks like at Andela, and how Kieran splits his time between various activities.
  • How Kieran envisions the future of enablement at Andela, and what his ideal setup looks like.
  • Kieran’s thoughts on the “golden” ratio of 1 enablement team member to 50 reps.
  • Getting buy-in from reps who are used to thinking enablement is a “punishment” for bad performance, and eliminating that stigma.

And much more!

A little bit about our guest

Kieran Smith is Senior Manager, Revenue Enablement at Andela, having previously held positions as a Director of Sales, Head of Sales, Business Development Manager, and more.

Through these roles, he gained valuable experience and was kind enough to share some of his learnings with us.

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