Sales enablement continues to grow as a function, and as more professionals look to move into the function, one topic becomes ever more important: salary.

At Sales Enablement Collective we aim to elevate the importance of sales enablement, and part of that is publishing our annual Sales Enablement Salary Report.

Built with the help of our community, our goal with this report is to drive salary transparency and allow sales enablement managers to understand their worth.

In this article, we’ll dissect stats from the report including:

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What does a sales enablement manager do?

Before looking at the figures in our Sales Enablement Salary Report, let’s quickly recap what a sales enablement manager does.

Sales enablement managers are the backbone of any good sales enablement team.

They’re responsible for a whole host of enablement activities - the extent of these varies from organization to organization, and based on the size of the team.

Sales enablement managers will work on supporting the sales team in their day to day, through the provision of sales training, content, and more. Essentially, sales enablement managers manage and deliver projects designed to enhance the performance and processes of customer-facing teams.

In a small team, or while working alone, a sales enablement manager might be responsible for sales enablement in an end-to-end fashion, strategizing, managing, and executing projects.

In larger sales enablement teams, a sales enablement manager’s role might involve taking on more of the deliverable side of the projects, while a more senior counterpart such as a Head of Sales Enablement works on strategic initiatives and wider project management.

It varies on a case-by-case basis, which is why it’s important to read the job description thoroughly and ask questions in order to understand the scope of sales enablement within an organization if you’re applying for a role.

Average salary for a sales enablement manager

With that summarized, we can dive into our Sales Enablement Salary Report’s findings.

32% of our respondents described their job title as Sales Enablement Manager, and 13.4% as Senior Sales Enablement Manager.

The average sales enablement manager earned $114,908 per year before tax in base pay. Meanwhile, those in a senior sales enablement manager position saw their average pay reach $137,873.

Those figures don’t include bonuses, commission, or stock options - our survey respondents were asked to provide base pay figures only.

A bar chart showing statistics: Director of Sales Enablement = $177,396. Senior Sales Enablement Manager = $137,873. Sales Enablement Manager = $114,908. Sales Enablement Executive = $192,421. Sales Enablement Specialist = $92,829.
Source: SEC Sales Enablement Salary Report 2023

Among all of our respondents, which included job titles like Director of Sales Enablement, Sales Enablement Specialist, and Sales Enablement Executive in addition to the roles listed above - the average salary was $136,029.

We’re glad to see that the earning potential for a typical sales enablement manager is in the six-figure range. They work so hard at supporting sales reps that it’s only fair to be well-compensated for that.

Our Sales Enablement Salary Report looked at more than just the average salary. We examined the data in depth to showcase how factors like gender, years of experience, and more can affect a sales enablement paycheck.

Download the Sales Enablement Salary Report 2023 | SEC
2023’s Sales Enablement Salary Report is here - download it to discover what your peers are earning and how to increase your earning potential.

Years of experience and how it affects sales enablement salaries

While you’ll find the full breakdown of stats by downloading our free report, let’s take a look at how experience affects sales enablement salaries.

Generally speaking, more experience lends itself to a higher salary and our report explored whether that held true for sales enablement salaries (across all our surveyed job titles):

Those with less than a year of experience had an average salary of $80,844, while those who had 5+ years of experience had an average salary of $152,185.

A bar chart with the following statistics: Less than a year = $80,844. 1 year = $92,954. 2 years = $121,104. 3 years = $131,208. 4 years = $113,781. 5+ years = $152,185. 10+ years = $167,648.
Source: SEC Sales Enablement Salary Report

The graph in our report shows a clear trend in sales enablement salaries - more experience means more money.

While factors like location, company size, and company revenue will also affect this figure, our report showed that survey respondents with more experience were significantly more likely to have a higher sales enablement salary.

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How salaries differ in North America compared to the rest of the world

Our report also divided up survey responses based on our respondents’ locations.

It’s well known that sales enablement is a more mature function in North America, with places like the United States’ Silicon Valley being a hub for the types of B2B businesses that implement sales enablement functions.

With 76.9% of our survey respondents being located in North America, we dived into the numbers to see whether that maturity had an effect on salary for sales enablement managers.

The average salary in North America equalled $143,293, while in the rest of the world it only reached $129,013.

Graphic: North America = $143,293. Rest of the world = $129,013.
Source: SEC Sales Enablement Salary Report 2023

This difference of $14,280 a year is significant.

It’s worth keeping this difference in mind when thinking about the typical salary for a sales enablement manager in the United States or Canada, compared to the rest of the world.

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More sales enablement salary information

This article features some eye-opening information about the industry, but it’s only scratching the surface. How do you get even more information on the subject of pay?

Websites like glassdoor,, and Comparably feature user-submitted insights into pay.

Additionally, every year we publish our Sales Enablement Salary Report which dives into these figures in even more depth than this article.

Our free report looks at how the following can affect salaries worldwide:

  • Gender
  • Experience
  • Seniority
  • Location
  • And more!

You can get your copy of the latest edition right here and keep your finger on the pulse of the industry. 👇

Download the Sales Enablement Salary Report 2023 | SEC
2023’s Sales Enablement Salary Report is here - download it to discover what your peers are earning and how to increase your earning potential.

If that’s still not enough, our Slack community is free to join! There, you can network with 5,500+ of your sales enablement peers and ask questions about salary, share your ideas, and learn from others.

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