On this episode of the podcast, we were joined by Jarod Spiewak, Founder and CEO of Comet Fuel. Jarod kindly joined us to discuss the importance of sales and marketing alignment, coming from the marketing side of the equation with his expertise.

Key talking points:

  • How a lack of sales and marketing alignment can mean your teams are working against each other
  • Utilizing your CRM and tech stack to aid alignment efforts
  • The importance of aligning both teams across the entire customer journey and understanding where the gaps are

And more!

A little bit about our guest

Jarod Spiewak is Founder and CEO of Comet Fuel. Jarod helps service & SaaS businesses drive qualified traffic to their website, turn that traffic into leads, measure which leads turn into sales, report on how much money those sales generated, and use that data to optimize each step of the process.

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