In our rapidly evolving world, keeping up with changing customer needs is essential. Sales enablement has transitioned from a nice-to-have to a must-have. 

Annually attending a Sales Enablement Summit isn't just beneficial - it's crucial.

Why change matters

Customer expectations and market dynamics are in constant change. Each year brings new challenges and opportunities, making it vital to stay updated. Attending these summits helps us adapt to these changes swiftly and effectively.

For example, in the past year alone, we've seen a significant shift towards hybrid sales models, where combining virtual and in-person interactions has become the norm. 

Additionally, the use of AI and data analytics in sales strategies has increased dramatically, offering more personalized customer experiences and improved decision-making processes.

Thorsten Stiller, Senior Sales Enablement Manager at Juniper Networks says

I cannot speak at an SEC Summit without bringing up "AI in Action, with Juniper Networks", as AI/ML will play major roles in education and sales enablement, both now and in the future. 
Technology and emotion are the winning motions to follow in sales enablement, as modeling and gamification touch on the emotion of fun. 
I support business growth and expansion plans and strategies in sales enablement. The Sales Enablement Summit helps to build expertise in organizing and running enablement activities, encouraging adoption, and calculating the large-scale effects of enablement initiatives. 
It is equivalent to having the capacity to manage projects, organize various stakeholders, and cultivate solid, dependable connections throughout the company, particularly in sales.

Image of Heidi on stage at the Sales Enablement Summit Amsterdam
Heidi on stage at the Sales Enablement Summit Amsterdam

What are the benefits of attending the Sales Enablement Summit each year?

1. You’ll learn from experts: 

Every summit features a lineup of presenters who bring unique insights and expertise. This diversity enriches our understanding and equips us with the best strategies to implement in our organizations. 

Learning from the top minds in our field helps refine our approaches and keeps us ahead of the curve. What I like the most is that the event typically features presenters and speakers from a diverse range of business types, sizes, and industries - giving attendees a much broader view.

Richard de Veer, Director of Revenue Operations at Just Eat - Corporate Solutions points out: 

Enablement is ever-changing and against a backdrop where sustainable growth is key and with us here at JET for business in a more early stage of our journey, these events accelerate our learning while also validating our actions and plans. 
Every speaker presenting or attendee you talk to is on their own journey and it helps us to understand which pitfalls to avoid and how, where enablement is heading and learn from the frontrunners in the sector who, in various ways, are dealing with similar challenges.
Ultimately, it’s all about understanding and working with people. The insights you gain paired with practical how-tos plus the valuable connections you make during these events make it worthwhile to go.

2. Building connections: 

One of the most rewarding aspects of these events is the chance to network with like-minded professionals face-to-face! Sharing experiences and solutions with peers who have similar challenges fosters a strong sense of community.

It reassures us that we are not alone in our struggles, and inspires us with fresh ideas.

Felicita Calfat, Sales Enablement Consultant and owner of Pass the Peas says: 

I think it’s good to attend every year, because during my second year here I started feeling like part of a community. This is important to me as the role is often very lonely within a company, with only a few people making up the team - often you’re alone.
The value lies in the sense of community and staying up to date on trends. You can connect with sales enablement professionals both on stage and between sessions, as well as with people in related roles such as RevOps and product marketing. 
These roles overlap, but not in the same way at each company. So exchanging how collaboration happens over coffee breaks provides you with a lot of additional insights.”

Image of an insightful roundtable discussion at Sales Enablement Summit New York
An insightful roundtable discussion at Sales Enablement Summit New York

3. Staying ahead of the curve: 

The market landscape changes yearly, and each summit brings new trends and insights. By attending regularly, we stay ahead, becoming more knowledgeable, consistent, and future-proof. This ongoing learning ensures we are always prepared for what's next. 

Your company might not be facing the same issues as others right now, but attending can help you better equip your team for future challenges.

Felix Dumutrica, Director of Revenue (GTM) Enablement at Pleo emphasized: 

In today’s ever changing environment it’s key to be constantly aware of your customers needs and challenges. For us in enablement it’s the same, we need to stay on top of things. 
We need to know what our internal customers expect us to help them with, we need to be proactive and suggest new methods, we need to implement technology to make them more effective and efficient. 
In simple terms, we need to be relevant and for this reason I attend every year.

“Meeting like-minded people has huge value”, Heidi Kalmár
This case study focuses on Heidi Kalmár’s experience as a speaker and attendee at the Sales Enablement Summit in Amsterdam.

4. Problem-solving and innovation: 

Summits provide a collaborative environment where we can brainstorm and tackle current challenges together. We often engage in excellent brainstorming exercises, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas. 

By understanding the issues others face, we can better prepare for similar situations in our own organizations - this collective problem-solving accelerates our ability to find innovative solutions.

5. Personal AND professional growth: 

Every summit is an opportunity for growth. It’s not just about learning new strategies but also about feeling connected and supported.

Meeting others who share our passion and challenges helps us grow both professionally and personally. You can find your next role, manager, or new hire in your team. Either way, it’s a win-win.

Attending a Sales Enablement Summit annually is crucial. It keeps us up-to-date, connects us with a supportive community, and provides the knowledge needed to tackle new challenges.

These summits are more than events; they are essential experiences that help us thrive in an ever-changing world.

Many thanks to the Sales Enablement Collective members for continuously supporting our community with valuable events and sessions!

Heidi Kalmár, Founder & CEO at Zero2HeroEnablement