We returned to Amsterdam in 2024 for another fantastic Sales Enablement Summit, and three attendees kindly took the time to chat to us about their experience at the event, surrounded by 100+ of their peers.

  • Rafael Mlynek, PM Sales Enablement & eDetailing, Roche
  • Joshua Harris, Sales & Marketing Director, Cloudapps Ltd
  • Aparna Muralidharan, Senior Director of Revenue Operations, DScout

The trio discussed why they chose to attend and what they gained from attending the summit in Amsterdam. 


Why attend? 

SEC’s Sales Enablement Summits take place all year round, all over the world. No matter where you are, you have the opportunity to network and learn from dozens of your peers. But what stood out to Rafael, Joshua, and Aparna when choosing SEC?


“The biggest benefit to attending in-person and not virtually, of course, is connecting to others, feeling the energy in the room.”


“The speakers and the talks were the things that interested me the most and why I wanted to come. I've also been to some of the past events and what I love about it is that all the talks are actually really insightful and you get a lot from them.”


“The networking and knowledge-sharing. It’s a small professional community, and we don't get that many chances to meet each other and network, especially in a remote world.”

What Rafael, Joshua, and Aparna gained from the experience

With roundtable discussions, keynote presentations, networking drinks, and more - there are countless benefits to attending a Sales Enablement Summit. Rafael, Joshua, and Aparna picked out their highlights:


“It was great to meet the brands represented at the event like Mindtickle, Showpad, and learning about the new technologies.”


“I feel like I came away with a load of actions and lists of things that I want to do. The other huge thing for me is networking - the reason I come back to each event is that I've met different people every time and that's been really useful to learn, make notes, and look at the next steps of what I want to do as well.”


“These events are priceless opportunities to meet other people, identify with them, and empathize with them in terms of the problems that they're facing at their organization and help strategize on solutions together - it’s pretty cool.”

How to attend

If you feel like you’ve missed out on something BIG - you have. 😉But, don’t fret. There’s plenty more where that came from. We’re bringing the Sales Enablement Summit to a variety of worldwide locations every year. 

Attend an SEC Summit and: 

🥇 Stay on top of trends to get ahead of your competitors

📈 Learn how to drive consistent growth with proven, actionable tactics

🗣 Network with your peers and make meaningful connections

🤩 Meet mentors and form relationships to help you excel in your career

🤝 Discover new talent and scale your team