Heidi Kalmár, Founder and CEO of Zero2Hero Enablement, is dedicated to helping others elevate their sales teams through the power of enablement. 

At SEC’s 2024 Sales Enablement Summit in Amsterdam, Heidi was both an attendee and a speaker, and in this case study she discusses:

  • Why she chose SEC Sales Enablement Summit Amsterdam specifically 
  • What Heidi felt was the most valuable part of attending
  • Her advice for someone attending a Sales Enablement Summit for the first time

Why attend SEC’s Sales Enablement Summit in Amsterdam?

Sales Enablement Collective’s Summits are hosted all over the world with the aim of bringing together the best and brightest in the world of enablement to learn, grow, and network. 

Heidi explained why she felt our Amsterdam event was the right fit for her:

“I attended SEC’s Sales Enablement Summit for the first time back in 2019, in London. I saw it on LinkedIn and I was very curious - ‘Oh my God, there's a summit with people within my area of expertise!’

In 2020, I moved to Amsterdam and I started looking for summits there as well, because I'd heard that SEC hosts them in many other cities. Due to Covid, they were postponed, so then last year (2023), I went for the first time to the summit in Amsterdam and decided to speak as well. 

I was a speaker last year, and I enjoyed it so much that I felt I had to come back this year as well - from now on, I'll definitely keep attending!”

Image of Heidi on stage at the Sales Enablement Summit Amsterdam
Heidi on stage at the Sales Enablement Summit Amsterdam

What part of the event did Heidi find most valuable?

SEC’s Sales Enablement Summits aim to provide everything a sales enablement professional needs to have a great experience. Attendees will experience roundtable discussions with their peers, networking, drinks, opportunities, keynote presentations from some of the best speakers around, and more. 

But what did Heidi find the most valuable from her time in Amsterdam?

“For me it’s definitely the fact that it’s in person. That fact helps me a lot, because for the past four years, I’ve worked remotely. So meeting like-minded people in person gives me the bestvalue. 

As well as that, building that community of like-minded people that stay connected after the sessions. We help each other, we ask each other how things are going. 

It's not just networking and building a community, but also getting a lot of inspiration and motivation from each other. It really helps to see best practices from other people as well. 

We all have different backgrounds, different expertise, so learning from each other helps us to not only solve our own issues, and to prepare for issues we might not have at this point, but may face later.”

Advice for attending your first Sales Enablement Summit

Want to make sure you get the most out of the action-packed day? Heidi, a multiple-time attendee and speaker, shared her advice:

“I would make sure that you’re prepared with some kind of note taking tool. Because while the presentations and recordings are shared with us, it's always better to make notes for yourself, to remind yourself of what you're really interested in. 

Also prepare yourself to meet with people and have your LinkedIn profile’s QR code ready to  connect with people because sometimes people have names you don't know how to pronounce and or spell! It’s much quicker and easier to connect when you have your QR code ready. 

For me, it's most important to be ready mentally as well. Because there are a lot of people, there’s a lot of buzz - it's a busy day. Don't just hide in a corner eating your food alone, you’re there to collaborate and make the most out of the event and connect with people.”

How to attend

If you feel like you’ve missed out on something BIG - you have. 😉 But, don’t fret. There’s plenty more where that came from. We’re bringing the Sales Enablement Summit to a variety of worldwide locations every year. 

Attend an SEC Summit and: 

🥇 Stay on top of trends to get ahead of your competitors

📈 Learn how to drive consistent growth with proven, actionable tactics

🗣 Network with your peers and make meaningful connections

🤩 Meet mentors and form relationships to help you excel in your career

🤝 Discover new talent and scale your team