The Alliance, through its Product Marketing Alliance and Sales Enablement Collective communities, partnered with Seismic in San Francisco.

Between the Product Marketing Summit, the Sales Enablement Summit, and Chief Revenue Officer Summit, hundreds of professionals from across the B2B world gathered to learn from each other, network, and idea-share over the course of two days in September.

During the day, we spoke to Christopher Kornbrust, Regional Vice President of Sales at Seismic, about his experience of the partnership between The Alliance and Seismic.

How has the atmosphere been in San Francisco?

“The energy from gathering all these great minds in a really creative and innovative space is just fantastic.

“The conversations have been wonderful, and I just love being a part of this. I've been [going to the Summits] for several years so it's great to be back.

“It's a small community, so you start to see some of the same faces and it's really great to build that network.”

How has it been from a lead generation perspective?

“From a lead generation perspective, this is phenomenal. As a sales enablement company, all of our buyers are here so, yeah, we really appreciate it.

“I would say beyond that, we really appreciate the support that the staff at The Alliance and Sales Enablement Collective has been providing. As a sponsor, it's really nice when the staff is trying to help people come to your booth and get those leads. We greatly appreciate that.”

If you had to sum up the Summits in three words, what would they be?

“Not to be cheesy, but forward-thinking. Enablement is a space that’s still constantly being defined. If you talk to a bunch of different companies, you’ll get a bunch of slightly different answers on what enablement or product marketing truly is.

“Hearing from some of the best and brightest minds in their respective departments and sharing insights on what’s working at their company means it’s very forward-thinking.

Creative, because this is a very creative space - there’s no one-size-fits-all solution so it’s really nice to hear the creative thinking there.

“The third thing is fun, because look at the venue you’re in! This has been great hospitality, great people, and good energy so it’s overall a fun event.

“I highly recommend you come”.