Erica Markham, Senior Manager Field Onboarding at DocuSign, has gathered a wealth of enablement experience over the past few years. A true “people-person”, her work ethic and instructional design background have served her well in her time in the industry.

At SEC’s Sales Enablement Summit in Las Vegas, Erica was both an eager speaker and enthusiastic attendee. In this case study, she discusses:

  • Why she decided to attend our event
  • What the experience at the event was like
  • What she’d say to someone who was on the fence about attending

How Erica first heard about the event and why she decided to attend

“I found out about the event through several different channels at the same time. There was the SEC Slack group, notices on LinkedIn, and then Jack (SEC’s event organizer) reached out to me and asked if I would like to be a speaker all within the same day.

“I wasn't considering whether I should attend or whether I should speak it. It hit me on the same day: ‘Hey, this event is happening here, would you like to come speak at it and meet some colleagues?’

“It was a no-brainer! Of course I'd like to come speak and meet colleagues in the enablement space.”

Erica’s experience at the event

Erica was both a speaker and an attendee in Las Vegas, so she shared her experience from both of these unique perspectives.

As a speaker

“As a speaker it was fantastic. Jack working with us was great and he made it very easy. Everything was very well coordinated, from putting the topic together to working with the panelists who hadn’t met before. It was easy to be a part of and it was just a really pleasant process.

“And it was fun to talk about sales enablement onstage in front of my peers. Who doesn't love to be on stage?”.

As an attendee

“I absolutely loved talking with the other people in the group. I felt like those roundtable discussions were fantastic.

“Hearing about the types of technology that other groups are using to do the exact same thing as us was great.

“We're all building, for example, an onboarding programme - but how are you measuring the success of onboarding? What tools are you using to make the classroom more impactful? Are you doing it in person or not? Why?

“I felt I gained so much from those conversations and that was definitely my favorite part”.

Would Erica recommend this event to others?

If someone was in two minds about attending one of SEC’s many, worldwide, in-person events – what would Erica say to them to let them know they should go?

“I would ask them what frustrated them about their current work environment and if they told me, for example that the entire company is siloed and it's frustrating, I’d say: interesting!

“By not attending a group of leaders in this space, where they're going to talk about what they're doing in their companies, aren't you feeding the fire? You're going to be keeping yourself in the silo.

“You might not think that you're going to learn from your peers. But as soon as you attend, you realize that's not the case, there's so much to learn from each other. This is a new-ish space, and everyone's doing something differently.

“Wouldn't you like to learn what other people are doing instead of just figuring it out on your own? There's a lot of people that face the exact same issues as you.”

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