That’s just some of the words our attendees used to describe their experience of the amazing atmosphere at the Sales Enablement Summit in Seattle.


In between thrilling talks, we asked some of our enablement attendees for their thoughts on the event, specifically focusing on:

  • Key takeaways from the Sales Enablement Summit in Seattle
  • Benefits of attending any of the worldwide Sales Enablement Summits
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Key takeaways from the Sales Enablement Summit in Seattle

Here’s what Paige Roncke, Chief Revenue Officer at Garmentory told us she enjoyed about the event:

“It was nice to connect with other individuals that are facing the same problems that everyone else in the room is facing, and connecting and talking through those problems together”.
“I’d say the takeaway is that no matter what business you're in or what industry sector,, everyone has the same business problems.”
“Prioritization and making sure you focus your efforts on the right things, and of course, getting alignment cross-functionally to understand how you can generate revenue faster.”

Daniel James Martin, Head of Sales Enablement at TecEx shared this extraordinary snippet:

“ I’ve found it incredible so far. It was well worth the 21 hours to fly since I came from South Africa!"
“So it's been incredible just to learn what the function’s all about actually, and learn lessons I can take back to my team.”
“Before coming to the event, we were asked to draw emojis - and so I drew a fire, because I'm always putting out fires."
“But what I've learned from today is that I actually need to have controlled fires. I need to actually make them myself, and then put them out and deal with them accordingly.”

Benefits of attending any of the worldwide Sales Enablement Summits

That’s some major praise, but our attendees weren’t finished there! Here are some of the benefits of attending a Sales Enablement Summit from SEC, wherever in the world you may be.

Whitney Sieck, Vice President, Revenue Enablement at Demandbase, had this to say on the Sales Enablement Summit:

“What I love about these types of events are when there's practitioner-led sessions, so I loved the session where they actually gave us a matrix to evaluate different technology."
“The benefits of attending a conference like this are immense. One is the value of the community and the network itself, and being able to share best practices with others.”
“You don't get to do that when you're like a small team or a team of one - so I think it's really that knowledge-sharing that adds value.”

Paige added:

“A lot of people have rolled out sales training methodologies, a lot of folks have chosen what software to use in the past - you don't have to reinvent the wheel.”
“People have done this before and you can reach out and ask for help. It was a great space to do that today.”

Daniel told us that:

“You get to interrogate your own model within the company you're in, as you're gonna see how you might enable yourself, how your team could change - from a small startup to potentially a larger company."
“That's the first benefit. The second is the people you're meeting.”

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If you feel like you’ve missed out on something BIG - you have. 😉

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