Sean Bailey, Head of Sales Enablement at Azuga, has years of management experience and recently moved into an enablement role. At SEC’s Sales Enablement Summit in Las Vegas, Sean was able to dive straight into the enablement world to accelerate his learning.

In this case study, he discusses:

  • Why he decided to attend our event
  • Whether he got the value he wanted from the event
  • How the event’s networking opportunities were
  • What he’d say to someone who was on the fence about attending

How Sean first heard about the event and why he decided to attend

“I'm fairly new to sales enablement. Because I'm updating my profile on LinkedIn, I’m getting a lot of connections, and people are sending me stuff. So the Sales Enablement Collective came into my inbox and it intrigued me a little bit  - so I looked into it, followed your links.

“I thought to myself: ‘Well, I need to get up to speed on current trends within sales enablement’.

“Obviously, it's a really big remit and it's different for every organization in regards to what they consider to be under the umbrella of sales enablement. I wanted to see how everyone else works and how their organization is set up.

“I thought it'd be really good to see if I could join the event.”

Did Sean get the value he wanted from the event?

“Well, 100%.

“I'm going to get an SEC membership too, because I think it's really important that I keep abreast of what's going on and who's doing what.

“I think some of the speakers were really, really good at setting out their ideas of sales enablement, and there were a lot of very experienced people.

“What I gleaned out of the whole event was just a better understanding of sales enablement, better strategies, and a vision.

“There were just real, simple things for me to hear from other people to see what they do and how they organize.

“And there are some smart people there -  they're really smart, I was blown away.

“I got to sit next to very like-minded people, I gave them a few of my scenarios and problems. It was a positive experience, 100%.”

Networking opportunities at the event

“I was on my own, I didn't go with anyone from my organization and I think it's always nice to do that occasionally because it forces you to talk to people and I spoke to multiple people.

“We exchanged communication, got LinkedIn details, and made a few contacts, it was excellent. I met people, sat with people, and talked. I mean, they were a really nice bunch.”

Would Sean recommend this event to others?

“It’s 100% worth going.

“You've got to be open, and there are so many ideas and strategies that you can utilize. The collateral that they gave us was really, really good.

“I got a book, met a few people. That was really cool. I thoroughly recommend joining if you're in sales enablement.”

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