“Mingling and networking”


That’s just some of the words our attendees used to describe their experience of the amazing atmosphere at the Sales Enablement Summit in Amsterdam.

In between thrilling talks, we asked some of our enablement attendees for their thoughts on the event, specifically focusing on:

  • Key takeaways from the Sales Enablement Summit in Amsterdam
  • Benefits of attending any of the worldwide Sales Enablement Summits
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Key takeaways from the Sales Enablement Summit in Amsterdam

Here’s what Catherine Young, Director of Sales Enablement at Worldline Global told us the key takeaway for her:

“A lot of the ideas that I've had, I really need to put into practice. There have been ideas floating around, and they need to be turned into something more solid, so that it’s got structure that I can show to others.
“It’s reinforced that I need to put all of my ideas together into some sort of structure, create a communication plan, and share that with the rest of the business - because that's really where you get the power, it’s having the business behind you in all of your enablement activities.”

Satu Nuoramo, Senior Sales Enablement Manager EMEA at Zoom, had this to say on the Sales Enablement Summit Amsterdam’s presentations:

“What's been really heartwarming and enlightening for me is that we're all in the same boat, so to speak.
“I don't feel alone, I’m seeing a lot of people sharing very similar challenges to the ones I face in my day to day, so that's been incredible to see.”

This was echoed by Heidi Kalmár, Global Leader of Sales Enablement at Sastrify, who told us:

“I found it very valuable, and a lot of content was shared - I actually realized that I'm not alone with my challenges and my problems.”

Benefits of attending any of the worldwide Sales Enablement Summits

That’s some major praise, but our attendees weren’t finished there! Here are some of the benefits of attending a Sales Enablement Summit from SEC, wherever in the world you may be.

For Catherine Young, “there's something particularly special about having a room full of sales enablers.

“Sales enablement people are multidisciplinary professionals who know a lot about the business. So to have a room full of people like that sharing best practices, sharing good ideas, and asking intelligent questions - it really brings it to life.”

Satu Nuoramo “loved meeting different people from within the industry and that work in enablement.”

She added that “it's been a tremendously well-organized event, so kudos to the Sales Enablement Collective team.”

Heidi Kalmár added that “at an event like this, you’re not just learning but also collaborating and building your network, in addition to learning from really like-minded people.

“It’s also an option to maybe find your next new hire, if you have headcount and are willing to hire someone! It's been great to collaborate with people”, she said.

Discover the hype by attending our next Summit

If you feel like you’ve missed out on something BIG - you have. 😉

But, don’t fret. There’s plenty more where that came from.

We’re bringing the Sales Enablement Summit to a variety of worldwide locations throughout the rest of the year.

Attend an SEC Summit and:

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📈 Learn how to drive consistent growth with proven, actionable tactics

🗣 Network with your peers and make meaningful connections

🤩 Meet mentors and form relationships to help you excel in your career

🤝 Discover new talent and scale your team

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