People buy because they trust you and because they like the product - in that order. This is why it’s so important for sellers to develop the skills to see things from a customer's perspective, says Theo Davies, Head of Sales Enablement JAPAC at Google Cloud.

And, with a background in the tough world of door-to-door sales, the star of this edition of Sales Enablement Innovation knows a thing or two about sales/selling.


Key talking points

  • Onboarding virtually as a ‘Noogler’ at Google
  • How he used virtual ‘Rugby World Cup-style’ pitch-offs to engage sellers
  • Using skills, self-motivation, and systems to succeed
  • Why Socrates was the ultimate coach
  • How to use big data and BI tools to see the impact of enablement intervention

NB: Theo’s opinions shared in this podcast are his own and not those of Google or any other company

A little bit about our guest

Theo is a record-breaking salesperson, sales leader, coach and speaker with a 20+ year career beginning in sales in 1998 spanning sales management, enablement and management consulting specializing in sales uplift. He was previously Director of Sales Enablement for Oracle in APAC, prior to joining Google Cloud as Head of Sales Enablement for JAPAC. He is an Internationally capped sportsman, semi-professional DJ and appeared in Hollywood film, ‘Crazy Rich Asians’. He is also a past National Public Speaking Champion in Singapore and has opened for Singapore's most famous comic.

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