Engaging customers virtually has been a challenge for many organizations over the past year, and Jaclyn D'Arcy, Director of Revenue Enablement at SaaS healthcare company GHX, tells us how she's been focused on hybrid relationship building with both internal and external customers.

She also shares how she fell in love with sales enablement, creating a source of truth for content and trainings, and breaking silos to help align best practices across the organization.

In particular, as enablement is immersed in understanding both technical and soft skillsets, Jaclyn says widening its scope across the business makes for better hiring decisions:

“You start building better connections to your talent acquisition team so, as they are trying to fill these roles, enablement can really guide the hiring decision, so that we're bringing team members into the organization that fit our culture - that’s what makes us successful at the end of the day.”

Hear Jaclyn tell her story in the full podcast.

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