“It’s been an absolute wild ride”, says Camila Borda, Head of Sales Development and Strategy at Google, about her sales and enablement career journey.

Camila lives and breathes creative thinking - for her, it’s a superpower that allows us to truly empathize with clients -  the key to those all-important ‘surprise and delight’ moments.


Key talking points

  • Rolling up her sleeves to open Google offices in Columbia, Central America, and the Caribbean.
  • Coming up with bespoke solutions by looking at customers’ problems from different perspectives.
  • How the World Economic Forum lists creative thinking as the single most important business skill to have.
  • Why the ROI for time spent creatively is significantly higher.
  • Camila’s magical experience providing technology outputs for underprivileged girls and women in Ghana.

A little bit about our guest

Camila’s main focus is to help organizations & individuals unlock their hidden superpower and turn their biggest problems into possibilities through the power of creative thinking.

She has worked with hundreds of top global brands and has experience managing marketing and digital strategies for clients in over 10 different industries in 8 countries.

A long-time Googler, an international speaker, a social advocate, a creative thinker, a goodness seeker, a proud mom, a LatinX leader, and a digital marketing expert.

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