Nicholas Gregory, Senior Director for Global Sales Enablement at Couchbase has had significant involvement with SEC - from events and video series, to podcasts and reports, he’s shared his expertise with the SEC community across a range of mediums.

Nicholas has accumulated a vast amount of sales enablement experience over the course of his career, not just working within the United States, but across Latin America and the wider world as well.

In his career he’s held numerous high level Director and VP-tier sales enablement positions, leaving him responsible for leading the direction of sales enablement strategy and and the execution of the strategy.

As a result, he is an extremely valued member of SEC’s community - his willingness to share his vast knowledge and teach others what he’s learned means he’s seen as a thought-leader in the sales enablement landscape.

In this case study, he discusses:

  • His experience with SEC’s events as a speaker
  • His views on the value of the content that SEC creates

Nicholas’ experience with SEC events as a speaker

Since getting involved with SEC events as a speaker at 2021’s Sales Enablement Festival, Nicholas has taken part in our Lets Talk Enablement panel series, our Sales Enablement Innovation podcast, and more.

Why does Nicholas continue to work with SEC across our events and content? It’s simple: the fact that SEC allows thought-leaders like him to “express ourselves with creative liberty”.

“SEC allows for sales enablement leaders and practitioners to have a platform for a continuous exchange of perspectives and experiences.

“This comes in the form of SEC allowing for creative liberty where enablement professionals are given agency to share strategies and approaches with their enablement peers, which at times they're unable to do within their own organizations due to strategic imperatives.

“SEC gives us a platform and lets us loose to explore.”

Nicholas’ views on the value of the content that SEC creates

One of SEC’s goals is to provide the enablement community with content of value. Nicholas shared his experience with SEC’s wide range of content - that includes the Sales Enablement Innovation podcast, in which Nicholas starred.

“The content posted on LinkedIn by SEC can at times be both humorous and attention-grabbing, which is refreshing when you’re in a profession that can be perceived as very serious (the business of improving sales productivity and performance).

“But there is a common thread across all the content posted by SEC: that is it is valuable.

“From promoting articles written by enablement professionals, to research conducted by SEC in partnership with well-recognized sales technology organizations, there is a constant feed of valuable content provided on LinkedIn by SEC."

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