We’ve got some awesome news to share - SEC and Allego have partnered to bring you The Conversation Intelligence Podcast.

This is a brand-new podcast series that shares insider knowledge and experience about the power of conversation intelligence in enabling sales success.

Over the course of five expert-driven episodes, you’ll discover just how effective combining the power of sales enablement with conversation intelligence can be.

Our first episode is live right now and kicks off with an insightful conversation with Rich Smith, VP of Sales EMEA at Allego.

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"Without understanding front line sales conversations, your sales enablement strategy is doomed for failure"

In this episode, we sat down with Allego’s Rich Smith to discuss the benefits of analyzing sales reps’ calls, handling the hesitation around call recordings, how conversation intelligence can tie into an enablement strategy, and more.

Key talking points:

  • Rich’s journey into Conversation Intelligence through the founding of Refract
  • How to deal with a sales team that’s hesitant to have its calls recorded
  • Why Conversation Intelligence needs to play a role in your sales enablement strategy
  • How to get the most out of your call recordings, and when to use them

This podcast was brought to you by Allego in collaboration with Sales Enablement Collective. Find out more about Allego’s range of sales enablement offerings at allego.com.

A bit about our guest

Rich Smith is VP of Sales EMEA at Allego, a Sales Enablement Platform that ensures teams can quickly create and share interactive content to train, reinforce, onboard, coach, and drive productivity anywhere, anytime.

Rich co-founded Refract (acquired by Allego in 2020), a Conversation Intelligence tool that gives sales coaches insight into the defining moments of sales conversations, evidencing where deals are won and lost, and providing intelligence into recurring mistakes made by sales reps.

He’s also authored a book on prospecting and frequently shares his sales wisdom  on LinkedIn to educate others.