This episode of the podcast is a double delight! We were joined by Sarah Fricke, VP Revenue Enablement at Procore, and her longtime colleague Ben Purton, Senior Director, International Enablement at RingCentral.

The pair dove into the ever-important topic of proving enablement’s ROI, particularly during the economically turbulent times we live in, using an interesting fitness coach analogy to explain just how pivotal enablement can be as a department.

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Key talking points:

  • The ‘fitness coach’ analogy and why it’s perfect for enablement
  • Measuring the actual value of your enablement
  • Becoming comfortable with change and seeing it as an opportunity
  • Being fearless about talking to stakeholders when its needed

And a whole lot more!

A little bit about our guests

Sarah Fricke recently became VP Revenue Enablement at Procore, after having spent time at RingCentral working in the enablement team there alongside our other guest, Ben Purton. Ben is Senior Director, International Enablement at RingCentral.

Both Sarah and Ben are hugely experienced sales enablers, and have featured at many Sales Enablement Collective events, webinars, meetups, and more.

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