On this week’s podcast episode we were joined by the fantastic Phil Putnam, VP of Sales Enablement at Notified, to discuss a whole host of sales enablement topics!

Phil took a deep dive into how enablement can showcase its value, the importance of creating context for analysis, his advice for enablement interviews, and more. Tune in right here! 👇

Key talking points

  • Where enablement’s value truly lies and how to communicate that to leadership
  • The importance of creating a context 
  • Asking the right questions to interviewers to understand if a role is right for you
  • Creating real relationships with your revenue leaders

And more! 

A little bit about our guest

Phil Putnam is currently VP of Sales Enablement at Notified, where he’s been for nearly two years. He also spent significant time in Adobe’s enablement team in the past. 

Phil is a firm believer that humans are the key to every aspect of business success, and that human self-interest is the most reliable basis of consistently exceptional business results.

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