Celine Grey is Director of Revenue Acceleration at Oyster, a global employment company that builds a bridge between companies and the world’s top talent.

Celine has years of experience in sales, sales enablement, and sales leadership roles - increasing win rates and deal velocity wherever she’s been.

So who better to talk to about the current enablement landscape?

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Key talking points

  • Celine’s been doing “enablement” since before enablement even had that name - so how does she define it?
  • The difficulties in enabling a distributed, remote workforce and the steps you can take to address these challenges
  • How enabling managers can bring big benefits to your organization
  • Advice for reaching good levels of engagement on enablement newsletters
  • Using data to enhance your enablement

And more!

A little bit about our guest

Celine Grey is Director of Revenue Acceleration at Oyster, having previously held positions as a Global Lead for Sales Enablement, Inside Sales Director, Head of Sales Enablement, Principal Sales Training and Development, and more.

Through these roles, she gained valuable experience and was kind enough to share some of her learnings with us.

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