Nicholas Gregory is VP for Global Sales Enablement at Korbyt. He has a wealth of experience in sales enablement, working across North and Latin America, and EMEA.

Throughout his career he has led and built out regional and global sales enablement functions and teams as well as supporting companies through sales transformations, establishing sales enablement as a strategic discipline from the ground floor.


Key talking points:

  • What working in a global capacity has taught him about sales and life, and how a passion for Latin America helped him on his journey.
  • The evolution of sales enablement into other revenue-generating functions, and how working cross-functionally is key.
  • The importance of including sales leadership in organization-wide enablement efforts
  • Increasing your chances of getting leadership buy-in for sales enablement

A little bit about our guest

Nicholas is currently Vice President of Global Sales Enablement & Sales Engineering where he leads Sales Enablement strategy and services. In his sales enablement leadership role, he's chartered with improving sales productivity and performance for Korbyt.

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