Nikki Schanzer, Head of GTM Enablement at Hopin, is fast becoming a familiar face across SEC’s variety of content. Nikki has both attended and spoken at SEC events, appeared on our podcast, and more.

Nikki is an experienced enablement professional who has worked at some of the biggest companies in the world before continuing her enablement journey at Hopin, where her focus is to work and align cross-functionally, deliver best-in-class training, be the bridge and connection between business functions and sales, and drive effectiveness and efficiency throughout the organization.

Throughout her time in enablement, Nikki has become an expert in the space and is therefore an incredibly valuable member of the SEC community.

In this case study, she discusses:

  • How she heard about SEC and first got involved
  • The value she gets from SEC content
  • Her experience at SEC events
  • What she would say to someone on the fence about attending an event

How Nikki heard about SEC and first got involved

“One of my enablement buddies reached out to me and said: “Hey, I know we both talk about sales kickoffs. I'm going to be a part of a Sales Enablement Collective panel ‘SKO Uncensored’, do you want to join me?”

“I met Jack (SEC’s event organizer) through that, and then I did the panel discussion at the Sales Enablement Summit in-person in Austin, which was phenomenal. I’ve also been a part of the Slack community this entire time, which has been wonderful as well.

The value that Nikki gets from SEC’s content

“I think that the best part is that enablement has been growing so quickly, and now people can't learn through osmosis anymore by turning their chairs. So Covid actually created this opportunity for companies to really understand where enablement fits into organizations.

“To me, showing up to SEC events, being a part of the Slack community, I feel like I have my people around me that I can get ideas from. I can identify what the latest and greatest is. SEC even released the salary survey. It's fascinating, and no one else is really doing the work on this.

Nikki’s experience with SEC events

“First of all, the Austin event was so much fun. There's also a broader scope of who you get to meet when you're in-person, compared to actually having to schedule time and make it happen virtually. Networking was very organic.

“I got to learn from what the team at Atlassian is doing with their onboarding programme, I got to see old friends in enablement in Austin that I hadn’t seen in a long time. I also got to meet new folks, and you start to realize how small the enablement community is and that we're all connected which brings us together.

“It was really fun, and I love that SEC is doing that.”

What Nikki would say to someone on the fence about attending an SEC event

“I would say that, no matter if you were to only go to the event and hear one thing, or go for one topic, you’d still walk out with new ideas. The brilliance of enablement is that we’re able to keep evolving what we do, and if you’re stuck in a silo, it's dangerous territory moving forward into the future.

“Going to these SEC events, being in-person, and learning what other people are doing, you can take action right away, and that's invaluable.”

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