Adam Kucera is Sales Director at Uniphore - whose Conversational Automation Platform can deliver the most sophisticated, accurate, personalized, and automated customer experiences on the planet. No frustration, just true understanding – including emotion and intent in real-time.

Adam has nearly 30 years of experience across sales and sales enablement, and joined us on the podcast to discuss the importance of selling with empathy, and why that one word can make a big difference to how you sell.

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Key talking points:

  • Why empathy is important in sales
  • How to put it into practice and leverage empathy in your day-to-day sales role
  • How measuring empathy levels on calls is possible and why you should do it
  • Steps salespeople can take to level up their empathy skills

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A little bit about our guest

Adam Kucera is Sales Director at Uniphore, and has nearly 30 years of sales and enablement experience.

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