"I see a coach as a coach, whether you're in sports or in the business world" says Kevin Rich, ex-hockey coach and now Head of Enablement at Shift Technology.

Kevin is at the heart of enablement growth at Shift, and he genuinely enjoys being so involved and tackling the challenges the role presents.


Key talking points

  • Why his aim is to instill a problem-solving mindset in his teams, and how that's led to success even when a deal hasn't been closed
  • Being the first external enablement hire at Shift, and how the enablement team continues to build the program up
  • How having clarity and simplicity in enablement leads to better completion, better adoption, and better focus where it matters
  • Defining successful enablement, and how anecdotal feedback can be one of the best indicators that you're doing well

A little bit about out guest

Kevin is a hockey-coach-turned-enablement-manager at Shift Technology. His primary focus is on go-to-market enablement, which encompasses many different sections of the business.

From business development representatives to customer success managers, Kevin is tasked with coaching the teams and ensuring that the organization can increase productivity throughout.

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