Stephanie White is Senior Director, Revenue Enablement at Loopio, one of our Ones to Watch in 2023, and a familiar face to those in the enablement community.

Her ‘Spotlight on Enablement’ on LinkedIn helps enablement professionals find work, and she kindly joined us on the podcast to share her expertise on a variety of enablement topics.

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Key talking points:

  • How to build an enablement function from scratch, and how to assess your first steps
  • Using “No, but…” to make your mark in an organization and buy yourself time from leadership
  • Stephanie’s advice for sales enablement professionals who have been affected by recent layoffs
  • Separating being a seller from being an enabler, and how that was a learning curve for Stephanie

And more!

A little bit about our guest

Stephanie is Senior Director, Revenue Enablement at Loopio, which helps you turn RFPs from a revenue blocker into your competitive advantage. Stephanie has years of experience in building enablement functions from the ground up, as well as a wealth of selling experience to draw upon too.

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