Sales Enablement Framework

Sales enablement strategy

Sales enablement is an enthralling yet complicated area; there are a whole host of different concepts you need to master inside and out to support and motivate your sales team, and drive revenue success. Enter our Sales Enablement Framework.

It covers all the areas needed to navigate the sales enablement journey from start to...well, there is no finish really, is there?

For each of the five fundamental stages: strategy and planning, content, tech and tools, learning and development, and growth, we’ve unpacked each of the cogs to arm you all the info needed to boost your understanding of pivotal topics, as you and your team strive to create something truly memorable.

Strategy and planning

Sales enablement is a strategic discipline. Without meticulous planning and a strategic, long-term mindset, you won't be able to maximize your sales team's potential.

Understanding the key facets you have to plan around and the biggest factors towards becoming a strategic influence within your organization is a foundational part of your sales enablement journey.

Think proactive, not reactive - that's how you showcase your true strength as a function.

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Sales enablement content is a major part of any enablement strategy. Whether the content comes in the form of a playbook, battlecards, scripts, or something else - these pieces of content are some of the most effective ways that enablement can provide references and support to sales reps.

Just don't forget to train them on how to use your shiny new content too!

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Tech and tools

Sales enablement is often a one-person band - but that doesn't mean you have to do it all alone. Today's technology and sales tools can help you support your sales teams at scale.

From CRM integrations and sales automation tools, to combined CMS and LMS and sales readiness tools, there are countless ways that technology can help you work smarter to empower your sales team.

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Learning and development

Training, coaching, learning, and development are at the heart of sales enablement.

Taking sales teams away from their desks is a big deal, so ensuring every session (whether it be training, coaching, SKO, or something else) is valuable and improves performance is a vital way to prove your worth as an enablement team.

It's almost always cheaper to retain and cultivate talent than recruit a new team member, which means learning and development initiatives can be a powerful tool in your arsenal.

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Growth - sustainable, repeatable growth - is what sales enablement is all about. Growing revenue, growing the sales team's confidence, growing the connections between cross-functional departments in your organization.

Knowing how to track your successes and project your enablement plans into the future is a surefire way to earn a seat at the table and showcase to your leadership the power that enablement can have.

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How to take the next step

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