Mark Garrett Hayes is a Sales Coach and Author of the award-nominated Sales Coaching Essentials, and he joined us on the podcast to talk about coaching in sales and what that means in an enablement context.

Mark quite literally wrote the book on coaching, so if you want to brush up on your coaching skills, tune in to this episode! 👇

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Key talking points:

  • The importance of coachability to a sales coach
  • Proving the impact of coaching to leadership teams
  • Sales coaching as part of an organization’s culture
  • Scaling your sales coaching efforts

And more!

A little bit about our guest

Mark is a Sales Coach at SalesCoachr, as well as being the author of Sales Coaching Essentials, a 2023 UK Business Book Awards finalist in 2023. Mark has had experience as a Sales Enablement Manager, a Learning & Development Manager, and in traditional sales roles prior to his current position.

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