Dave Sweeney is Enablement Partner at Solutions Driven, leading the organization’s enablement function on his own for almost two years.

Solo sales enablement is a common scenario, and Dave joined us on the podcast to discuss the common challenges faced by these teams of one, and how he works to overcome them in his everyday role.

If you’re in a sales enablement team of one, this one’s for you! 👇

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Key talking points:

  • The most common talking points and challenges among people in teams of one
  • What your ‘core’ sales enablement looks like when you’re in a one-person team
  • Measurability, tracking results, and proving the impact of your work
  • Working with stakeholders and balancing their many needs

And more!

A little bit about our guest

Dave is Enablement Partner at Solutions Driven, an international recruitment agency, and has been for two years. Prior to that, he began his Solutions Driven journey as a Global Business Growth Specialist, and built up his experience working in across sales roles.

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