This week we were joined by Andy Springer, CCO at RAIN Group, a sales training company delivering results through in-person and virtual training, coaching & reinforcement.

We discussed the most interesting findings from RAIN Group’s latest report, Top Challenges and Priorities for Sales Enablement and Sales Leaders.  The statistics in the report were fascinating, and Andy was kind enough to explain these statistics and turn them into action.

Key talking points:

  • Fascinating stats and interesting takeaways from RAIN Group’s latest report
  • The challenges that come with selling in an uncertain economy
  • How developing sales managers differs from working with reps
  • Attracting and retaining top talent
  • Is it possible to be a good sales manager without being a good sales coach?

A little bit about our guest

Andy Springer is Chief Client Officer at RAIN Group. He is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for building companies that positively impact the lives of people globally. Andy has conceived, built, managed and exited companies in the tech and people services space. 

Currently, Andy helps enterprise organizations evolve by staying ahead of their customers' needs and has global responsibility for the design & delivery of client results at RAIN Group.

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