‘It's all about presence, and it's all about confidence. I was able to see that firsthand’, says Joe Cardenas, Global Program Manager – Onboarding at Rackspace.

Joe was a key part of Rackspace’s specialized enablement initiative which started 3 years ago. He was at the center of it as it established itself, and he now has his sights set on the department’s continued growth.


Key talking points

  • The advantages that a sales background brings to the table when you’re involved in sales enablement
  • Why confidence is one of the most important things to instill during onboarding and training
  • How to get enablement onto key stakeholders’ radar and work towards leadership buy-in
  • Why enablement working alongside other functions, and avoiding a siloed approach, has its strengths

A little bit about out guest

Joe is Global Program Manager – Onboarding at Rackspace Technology, where his primary responsibility is focused on accelerating the time to productivity for Rackspace’s global customer facing teams.

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