This week, we were joined by SEC Ambassador, Head of GTM Revenue Enablement and Product Marketing, and Founder of GTM AI Academy - Jonathan Kvarfordt!

Jonathan has been leading the charge on artificial intelligence in the world of enablement, and what he’s calling “AI Enablement”. In this episode, we discussed his use cases for AI, how he sees enablement evolving, and more. 

Key talking points

  • Use cases for popular AI tools in enablement
  • The evolution of enablement, and why he believes AI enablement is the future
  • Why the growth of AI has parallels with the Industrial Revolution
  • Leveraging experts to maximize your return from AI productivity

And more!

Jonathan’s list of AI tools

A little bit about our guest

Jonathan is SEC Ambassador, Head of GTM Revenue Enablement and Product Marketing at Simetrik, and Founder of GTM AI Academy. 

Jonathan has a profound love for pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the business world. With over 15 years of experience as a revenue excellence, enablement, and acceleration executive, he specializes in developing, delivering, and implementing enablement programs for global organizations, Fortune 500 clients, and startups.

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