At the Sales Enablement Summit in London at the end of 2023, we had the opportunity to record three extra special episodes of the podcast - recorded live and in-person!

We spoke to:

  • Bana Kawar, Senior Sales Enablement Lead at AWS
  • Simon Gilks, VP of Revenue Operations at Enhesa
  • Chris Book, Global Head of Enablement at commercetools

Each episode covered a key aspect of the enablement landscape - a big thank you to all three of our guests for taking time out of their busy Sales Enablement Summit schedules

Key talking points:

  • Bana Kawar discussed how to implement AI into your enablement strategies
  • Simon Gilks explained the importance of the partnership between RevOps and enablement
  • Chris Book covered how to build a comprehensive sales enablement tech stack

"Responsible AI and the human element", Bana Kawar

"For me, enablement is part of RevOps", Simon Gilks

"Conversation intelligence changed how tech stacks are built", Chris Book

A little bit about our guests

We sat down with our guests at the Sales Enablement Summit in London. Bana Kawar is Senior Sales Enablement Lead at Amazon Web Services, having held various enablement roles at AWS for over four years. 

Simon Gilks is VP of Revenue Operations at Enhesa, with an experienced background in both senior revenue operations and enablement roles.

Finally, Chris Book is Global Head of Enablement at commercetools, with a career in several enablement positions spanning close to 10 years. 

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