Dorothy Michel is Director of Operations at TigerLRM, a next-gen sales enablement solution and CRM.

Dorothy has a strong history in sales enablement and through TigerLRM is committed to making sales enablement easier and more efficient for organizations everywhere.

Dorothy joined us on the show to discuss the exciting development of TigerLRM, as well as the enablement landscape as a whole.

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Key talking points:

  • Sales enablement’s nebulous definition, and how Dorothy defines it
  • The most common sales enablement challenges and how TigerLRM helps solve them
  • What lies on the horizon for sales enablement, and what Dorothy foresees in enablement’s future
  • Dorothy’s favorite TigerLRM feature and the benefits it brings

A little bit about our guest

Dorothy is Director of Operations at TigerLRM, and has a rich history in both sales and sales enablement. This podcast was brought to you by TigerLRM - and find out more about their leading sales enablement solution and CRM on

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