Carla Price is Team Lead, Revenue Enablement at Liftoff - a one stop shop to programmatic user acquisition and re-engagement. Liftoff helps find all of the best users for your app, deliver the most engaging ad experience, and optimize towards your user LTV goals.

Carla is an empathetic relationship builder & educator with a passion for leading/developing people, designing/facilitating enablement programs, and fostering inclusive spaces.

In this episode, we discussed enablement, learning styles, and more.

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Key talking points:

  • What enablement looks like at Liftoff, and where the team’s key responsibilities lie
  • The importance of understanding learning styles to successful enablement
  • Carla’s favorite part of working in enablement, and why it’s so rewarding
  • The value that networking with enablement peers and communities has had in her career so far.

And much more!

A little bit about our guest

Carla Price is Team Lead, Revenue Enablement at Liftoff having previously held positions in Partner Enablement, Strategic Operations, Customer Success, and more.

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