SEC and Allego’s brand-new podcast is back for a third time!

After last week’s chat with Owain Williams, we sat down with Marc Wayshak, Founder of Sales Insights Lab to discuss the research he’s been conducting surrounding Conversation Intelligence, the top trends he’s discovered from that data, and the takeaways for sales leaders.

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Key talking points:

  • The most prominent trends his research into sales conversations has highlighted
  • How to translate the research findings into actionable takeaways for your sales coaching
  • The findings that surprised Marc the most during his research
  • How to access the data from the research yourself

And more!

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You can find the infographic and data discussed in the episode right here.

A bit about our guest

Marc is the Founder of Sales Insights Lab, and his mission is to help individual reps and business owners take control of their own sales growth by leveraging a data-driven approach to repeatedly generate and close deals.

He’s a sales strategist, the best-selling author of "The High-Velocity Sales Organization", "Game Plan Selling" and "Breaking All Barriers", and a regular online contributor to Inc, Fast Company, Reuters, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, HubSpot and the Salesforce blog.