Next week (Wednesday February 17th) sees the Chief Revenue Officer Summit return to a small screen near you.

“Why would I be interested in that?”, we hear you ask. And we’ve got 10 answers for you...

1. Slash your hiring costs

“A typical sales organization spends about $10,000 to recruit a new quota carrier when a $2,000 investment in training and development for existing staff would make this unnecessary. The CRO Summit is an opportunity to learn how to invest in the development of your key sales leader”, says JD Miller, Chief Revenue Officer at Modus and one of our speakers. “The event is cost-effective, easy to do from home, and works into your existing calendar… why wouldn’t you attend?”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, JD.

2. Speakers and brands you want to learn from

The Chief Revenue Officer Summit is a platform to discover strategies and tactics that drive rapid, cost-effective and sustainable enterprise growth. This means you get to learn from leaders within the world’s largest companies and most exciting start-ups like:

  • Steven Bryerton, Vice President of Sales, ZoomInfo powered by DiscoverOrg
  • Steve Hallowell, VP, Strategic Services, Highspot
  • Elay Cohen, CEO & Founder, Saleshood
  • John LaMancuso, Managing Director, Revenue Vision Partners
  • Warren Zenna, Founder, The CRO Collective
  • Dan Costello, Chief Revenue Officer & SVP of Innovation, Phoenix Suns
  • David Satterwhite, Chief Revenue Officer, UserTesting
  • Stephen de Blanche, Chief Revenue Officer, TransUnion
  • Stephen Defina, VP of Revenue GTM, Clearbanc
  • JD Miller, Chief Revenue Officer, Motus
  • David Simon, Chief Revenue Officer, Fyber
  • Maria Green Danell, Chief Revenue Officer, Peltarion
  • Paul Rosen, Chief Revenue Officer, ShipBob
  • Saima Shaukat, Chief Revenue Officer, ATP
  • Debra Senra, SVP Revenue, Hireology
  • Phil Felice, Former Chief Revenue Officer, Orchard

All those nuggets of wisdom brought together over just ONE day.

3. There’s something for every senior leader

If you’re responsible for driving revenue and growth in your organization, the CRO Summit offers takeaways that will help you in your day-to-day role...

Are you a leader in revenue, strategy, sales, customer success or marketing? Then you'll find this content invaluable:

  • Leading Through Change: Paul Rosen, ShipBob
  • Refining Cross-functional Collaboration Tactics Between Revenue Teams: Panel Discussion
  • Navigating Uncertainty and Building a Culture of Resilience: Panel Discussion

Looking for insights that will benefit the whole sales enablement team? Motus’s JD Miller has got you covered with his talk New Product Launch and Sales Enablement In 3 Weeks: A Pandemic Response.

A sales leader who has stepped up to the CRO role or trying to transition to one? You’ll want to catch The Role of the CRO - How is it Different to Traditional Sales Leadership?, a presentation from David Satterwhite from UserTesting.

4. You’ll get answers to your questions

Got a burning question that hasn’t been covered? Keen to explore how a point covered can be applied to your own job? You can personalize your learning experience by posting questions to the speaker, during or after each talk to make sure you squeeze every last drop of value from them.

5. The content’s all thriller, no filler

This event isn’t about sales pitches - all of our speakers are on-board to share real-world stories about their journeys to success and pass on advice from what they’ve learned. No one is there to simply push their own agenda - and the day includes room for discussion and different perspectives with two panel sessions where speakers talk honestly and openly about their challenges and what they’ve done to overcome them.

6. It’s gonna be a game-changer at work

Looking for advice you can actually put into practice in your organization now? Actionable nuggets of wisdom on how to confront the challenges you face in your day-to-role? You’re coming to the right place! When you’re watching a live talk, you can type in any questions you have for the speaker from behind the comfort of your own screen.

Then simply dazzle your colleagues with your new-found inspiration in your next call, report, or Slack chat.

7. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home...

… home office, kitchen, or shared workspace. Set yourself up at your desk, sofa, bed (we won’t judge). Take advantage of this opportunity to sign up for the world’s only virtual event reserved for revenue leaders.

8. We’ve got a deal that’s right for you

It’s free to sign-up! All you have to do is set up your account. But we also have a few other options to check out if you want to enhance the features you can enjoy:

  • Free trial: Get access to five live presentations.
  • Access all areas: $50 gives you access to all live broadcasts and replays.
  • Full SEC Membership: An annual fee of $149 gets you access to all broadcasts (live + OnDemand), plus all of our exclusive membership content. Including 200+ hours’ worth of OnDemand footage of SEC events, exclusive sales enablement content, frameworks, and templates.

9. The content is yours to keep

“What was that Debra Senra from Hirelogy was saying about protecting your bottom line? She had some great tips...”

“I need some inspiration for improving communication between revenue teams - hey, there was an excellent panel discussion at the CRO Summit…”

If you opt for one of our paid-for packages, you’ll be given access to the content forever. Binge-watch all the acts during the course of the festival or drip-feed the odd video into your weekly workload - the choice is yours.

Keep all those fresh insights at your fingertips for whenever you need inspiration!

10. You’ll be in good company

We’ve got senior revenue delegates signed up from the likes of IBM, IAB, Drift, University of New Orleans, Reddit, SquadLocker, Contentstack, and Make-A-Wish America - and last September’s event was attended by more than 1,000 delegates, from unicorn startups to multinational organizations: the CRO Summit truly is a premium, sought-after event.

Head over to the #CROSummit2021 website and sign up now!