2022 was a big year for sales enablement, and it offered even more proof that the function is booming. This meant that SEC’s role in facilitating awesome enablement discussions, and creating great enablement content grew too.

This year, we:

  • Hosted 5,000+ enablers across 19 events in 10 cities (and virtually!) 🌎
  • Released 6 reports and playbooks packed with industry insights for free! 📚
  • Launched expert-driven 9 courses and certifications 🧑‍🏫
  • Hit milestones like 10,000+ LinkedIn followers and 5,000+ Slack community members 🏅
  • And a whole lot more, including the addition of new podcasts and webinars 🎥

In order to celebrate, we’ve put together a compilation of our best bits from 2022 - including a free event presentation from our Sales Enablement Summit in San Francisco.

Want to check out a specific area? Here are quick links to our roundups on:

Let’s dive into SEC’s 2022 in review. 👇

Reports and playbooks

This year was an exciting one for reports and playbooks at SEC.

Sales Enablement Salary Survey 2022

Our annual salary survey (keep your eyes peeled for 2023’s edition 👀) made waves early in the year, highlighting some fascinating stats like:

  • 36.6% of respondents were unhappy with their pay, despite on average making more than the 35.5% who said they were satisfied!
  • Sales enablers working in the B2B space had an average salary close to $14,000 higher than those in B2C.
  • Just over 40% of our respondents began their sales enablement careers on salaries of less than $75,000.

For the full suite of salary stats, download the Sales Enablement Salary Survey 2022.  

Sales Enablement Landscape Report 2022

We marked 2022 by launching our biggest report ever. For the first time, we asked 100+ sales enablers about the people, processes, and problems in enablement and compiled the answers into one report.

Here’s just a glimpse of the eye-opening findings:

  • Nearly two-thirds (63.4%) of enablement professionals have a background in some sort of sales role.
  • Only 31.5% of enablement departments are responsible for the creation of content in their organization.
  • Nearly seven in ten (68.4%) enablement professionals feel like their team isn’t big enough.
  • Win/close rate  is considered one of the top three most important metrics to measure sellers by 73.3% of enablers

It’s not just stats in the report either. It contains quotes from your sales enablement peers on the biggest challenges facing the industry.

“We don’t actually have a budget so every initiative has to either be delivered with existing resources or we have to go to the management team to request investment.”
“There’s a limited career path for sales enablement professionals. Once you reach the Director level, you essentially need to change gears and become a VP of Strategy, go back into sales or sales management, or make a lateral move to another company. There are very few roles beyond Director/Head of Sales Enablement.”
“Enablement doesn’t join the planning and conversations soon enough. This leads to enablement being in constant reactive mode instead of proactive."

Best of all? The full report is free to read - get your copy of the Sales Enablement Landscape Report 2022.

Onboarding: From start to finish (and beyond)

Onboarding is one of sales enablement’s major responsibilities - but it remains a challenge. That’s why we worked alongside enablement experts to create a comprehensive onboarding playbook.

In it you’ll find:

  • The definition of onboarding, and why doing it right matters
  • Where to start: the steps to take when designing an iterable onboarding program
  • How to implement your program and make the onboarding process stick
  • What to do to keep your program fresh and effective
  • Countless bite-sized tips from onboarding experts who’ve worked with us

Building an iterative, scalable onboarding process and need guidance? Download a free copy of SEC’s onboarding playbook now.

Top of the Charts: The Enablement Charter Playbook

Charters are often talked about in enablement circles, and they can provide direction and clarity on your role, responsibilities, and plans -  for both you and your key stakeholders across the business.

Knowing where to begin can be difficult, however. Our enablement charter playbook was created alongside enablement experts to help you secure your position as a strategic business function.

In it you’ll find:

  • Why an enablement charter is important
  • Where to get started
  • How to keep it relevant and up-to-date
  • A template to create your own charter

With the free Enablement Charter Playbook, you’ll be well on your way to creating your own charter and building newfound clarity in your team and your org.


Our return to in-person events in late 2021 was just the beginning of something special. In 2022, we held 13 in-person events in 10 cities.

From Sydney to London, from New York to Amsterdam - we brought the power of the enablement community worldwide.

Bolstering that amazing portfolio of in-person sales enablement magic were our virtual events, letting sales enablement professionals connect with each other no matter where in the globe they are.

While all event replays are available OnDemand with an SEC membership, the following panel session from our trip to San Francisco is free-to-view for everyone.

Check out Alaia Schwegler, Samantha Strom, Philip Aaronson, and Cameron Tanner discuss: Understanding the Enablement Maturity Curve right here, on us. 👇

Feeling a bit of FOMO? Don’t worry, our plans for 2023 are well underway. In fact, we’ve already announced some next year’s events:

  • Austin, February 15 & 16 🇺🇸
  • New York, March 16 & 17 🇺🇸
  • And so many more to come!

Courses and certifications

Reports and events have always been a part of SEC’s repertoire, and we aim to improve them every single year.

2022 was extra special, however, because we launched a whole new initiative through our courses and certifications. Our aim was to create a platform where sales enablers of all levels of experience can upskill and improve their talents with the help of expert-driven courses.

A selection of topics covered by our courses are:

That’s not to mention our recurring Sales Enablement Leadership Accelerator program, providing you with six weeks of live and interactive learning alongside your peers, all with the goal of preparing you to lead amazing enablement strategies.

Curious and want a little more info? Here’s a quick explainer video about our Sales Enablement Certified: Core course.

You can find our full selection of courses and certifications here, with more to come in 2023.

Sales enablement content


Our Sales Enablement Innovation Podcast continued to run throughout 2022, offering insights from enablement experts straight to your headphones!

We chatted with some of the best in the enablement community to create episodes such as:

You can find every episode here on our website, or across Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

But that’s not all!

SEC and Allego partnered to create The Conversation Intelligence Podcast, a five-episode mini-series all about the power that conversation intelligence holds in enabling sales success.

In this mini-series, we spoke to sales data experts, professors studying sales enablement academically, and more to get a holistic view of the function.

Here's a taster from our first episode with Rich Smith, VP of Sales EMEA at Allego. 👇


You can catch highlights from all five episodes here, or get the full episodes on your favorite podcast platform.


On top of our (pretty awesome) SEC-created content, we also encourage the sales enablement community to put pen to paper and share their enablement wisdom through our articles page.

This year, we had a great selection of contributed articles. Here’s a selection:

Interested in adding your expertise to the SEC website? Just get in touch with the team!

What about 2023?

If you’ve read all that and are wondering what lies in store for 2023, don’t worry. We’re working yet again to make next year SEC’s biggest - and we’re taking the sales enablement community along with us!

You can expect:

  • More reports
  • More events
  • More courses
  • More content
  • And a lot of really exciting new initiatives too!

We’ll reveal all in due course, so make sure to stay tuned in on our Slack community and follow our LinkedIn page for all the latest.