Conversation intelligence tools are an incredibly powerful weapon in sales enablement’s arsenal. The ability to listen back to sales calls, pick out key coachable moments, and share best practices across the sales team is invaluable.

That’s why Sales Enablement Collective and Allego have partnered up to bring you The Conversation Intelligence Podcast, a brand-new, five episode mini-series sharing insider knowledge and experience about the power of conversation intelligence in enabling sales success.

With all five episodes now available for you to listen to, we’ve put together a compilation of highlight clips from our great lineup of guests - alongside links to check out the full episode.

Let’s dive into the highlights! 👇

"Without understanding front line sales conversations, your sales enablement strategy is doomed for failure"

To kick things off, we chatted to Rich Smith, Allego’s VP of Sales EMEA. Check out his awesome explanation of why not reviewing calls makes little sense, using a great golfing analogy.


In this episode, Rich discussed:

  • Rich’s journey into Conversation Intelligence through the founding of Refract
  • How to deal with a sales team that’s hesitant to have its calls recorded
  • Why Conversation Intelligence needs to play a role in your sales enablement strategy
  • How to get the most out of your call recordings, and when to use them

Life as a sales leader, before and after conversation intelligence

In our second episode, we spoke to Owain Williams, Founder of Dremur, about how his experiences as a sales leader changed once he began to use conversation intelligence tools.

Check out this highlight, where Owain explains why he believes that the best way for sales leaders and sales reps to stay on top of their game, and up-to-date with modern practices, is by listening to their own conversations.


In this episode, Owain discussed:

  • Why Owain feels Conversation Intelligence is so important to sales team success
  • Why salespeople listening to their own calls can be a big performance booster
  • How to get started with Conversation Intelligence to ensure its success

The surprising data-backed behaviors of top-performing sellers

In our third episode, we sat down with Marc Wayshak of Sales Insights Lab. He ran us through the fascinating research his organization is conducting on the behavior of sellers, with the goal of uncovering what separates the best from the rest.

In this clip, Marc shares one of many interesting statistics from the study, pertaining to the ‘perfect’ talk to listen ratio, and what the number of conversation switches in your reps’ calls says about them.


In this episode, Marc discussed:

  • The most prominent trends his research into sales conversations has highlighted
  • How to translate the research findings into actionable takeaways for your sales coaching
  • The findings that surprised Marc the most during his research
  • How to access the data from the research yourself

Predicting and optimizing your return on sales enablement

For our fourth episode, we spoke to Professors Johannes Habel and Nathan Hartmann to explore the academic side of sales enablement and to answer the question: “what does the science say about sales enablement?”.

In this highlight, the professors explain their findings, and the effect that a rep’s tenure has on sales enablement effectiveness.


In this episode, Johannes and Nathan discussed:

  • The type of research that Johannes and Nathan have been conducting in the field of sales enablement
  • Johannes and Nathan’s findings, and what this tells us about the relationship between rep tenure and sales enablement
  • Casting our eyes to future research and what Johannes and Nathan plan to study further in the realm of sales enablement

How Conversation Intelligence can single-handedly create your coaching culture

To wrap things up on our awesome mini-series, we spoke to Kevin Beales, Allego’s VP & GM, about how to instill a consistent coaching culture in your organization.

In this last highlight, Kevin talks about the disparity between how much organizations want to coach and how much they actually do, and why this happens.


In this episode, Kevin discussed:

  • Kevin’s sales experience and his role in founding Refract Conversation Intelligence
  • Why coaching is often neglected, and how to address it
  • The benefits of ‘agile coaching’ and how to make training truly stick
  • Takeaways to improve your own organization’s coaching culture

Wrapping up

We're so glad we were able to partner up with Allego for this must-listen series. The depth of insight it offers our audience is remarkable, and it’s all here for you to enjoy.

To find out more about conversation intelligence and how you can take advantage of it to enhance your sales team’s performance, you can download our free Tools of Choice report and reach out to Allego about their offerings.