Keith Brooks is CEO at B2B Whisperer. Keith is a  no-nonsense, upfront, and honest international executive with a solid technical and financial background, specializing in marketing B2B technical solutions that increase revenue and meet business goals.

Keith kindly joined us on the podcast to share the wisdom he’s gathered over the course of his career in B2B and B2C roles.

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Key talking points:

  • Keith’s career journey, and how experience in B2C helped him in his B2B career
  • Why localization matters, and why a baseball analogy can sometimes do more harm than good
  • How to help companies understand the importance of considering localization and time zones
  • Keith’s learnings from organizing multi-regional training over the years

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A little bit about our guest

Keith is CEO at B2B Whisperer, helping companies with their clients’ organizations focus their sales and marketing efforts at the expense of the competition to increase their revenue.

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